Indie Game Spotlight

Indie Game Spotlight: The Escapists


The Escapists is a 8-bit strategy/simulation game, where you pick your prisoner and do you best to survive in a wide variety of prisons. Ever seen the movie Escape Plan featuring Sylvester Stallone? The movie he plays the role of the best prison breaker in history? That’s you in this game. It doesn’t really feature a story so it’s more of a casual game, you the-escapists-cover-art-001pick a prison and character and then go on your way to breaking out!

The Escapists

System: Pc/Xbox One

Developer(s): Mouldy Toof Studios

Publish Date: Feb 13, 2015

Price: Steam $17/ Xbox one $19



The Gameplay:
The Escapist plays pretty well for the graphics and the style. The prisons are all one large map so there aren’t many transitions except from day to-night, and vice versa. The the-escapists-9.jpgsoundtrack is kind of lacking but it can be pretty catchy your first few times playing, the actual gameplay sounds are pretty spot on though. You get a real prison life feeling playing this game, between the mass of guards and snipers watching your every move and the other prisoners fighting each other. There is a daily to do list, as in, go to breakfast, go exercise etc. and free time is when you will get most of your work for escaping done. You can talk to other prisoners, and do favors for them or buy contraband off of them.


One of the best parts of the game besides getting to toss molten chocolate onto other people(including guards), is the fact that there is almost always more than one way to TheEscapists-5.pngescape and therefore you can more creative or less creative. Combat is kind of rock, paper, scissors, as depending on how much speed, strength, and the weapon you are currently using, you just press A or click and you fight to the death! If guards or snipers see you though, you will probably end up in the infirmary.


I’m giving this game a solid 75. It has great flow and it lets you control how you escape in most prisons. The soundtrack could be better, but the game sounds are solid all around. Combat is kind of boring but balanced. There isn’t a time limit for escaping so you can take your time. There isn’t any death either so you can always finish a prison eventually.






  • A great game for what it offers
  • Solid in-game sound effects
  • Offers a number of prisons to beat with even more added via DLC
  • The Steam version offers user-friendly prison creation with the ability to play other created prisons as well!
  • The ability to throw cups of molten chocolate on people was a big bonus


  • The soundtrack is kind of repetitive
  • The combat can be frustrating because you can click on the wrong person
  • Can be kind of repetitive overall and daunting


Here is some gameplay footage of The Escapists , be sure to check it out and see if this  8-bit strategy game is for you!

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