Berserk: Musou releasing soon in Japan!

berserk-musou-dated-jp_002Berserk: Musou, a game adaptation from the Berserk anime/manga,  is set to release the 27th of October in Japan. A hack and slash game bringing influence from Dynasty Warriors (developed by Omega Force, the same company that developed the Attack on Titan game), to the blood and violent world of Berserk, the manga written by Kentaro Miura.

If you have ever seen the anime or just read the manga you know the hero of the story Guts and his trusty sword Dragonslayer are always will to cut, slash and maim as many demons, devils, humans, and everything else that gets in the way to pieces. As with all Dynasty Warriors games and the spin-offs there of, there are sure to be multiple characters to play as, and many stories to tell.


It’s rumored to go from the Golden Age Arc of the story all the way to the Hawk of the Millennium Empire.



The western release is set for sometime in the fall of 2017 and will be released for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and the PC.

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