Indie Game Spotlight

Indie Game Spotlight: Town of Salem

Have you ever played the party game Mafia? Have you ever wanted to play when your friends aren’t around to invite over to game? Town of Salem might just be the game for you! In this game you get to play the party game, with fun roles that make it absolutely interesting!


Town of Salem

System(s): PC, MAC, IOS, Android. Town_of_Salem_logo.png

Developer(s): BlankMediaGames

Publish Date: December 15, 2014

Price: $5 on Steam, Free in Browser, Free Google Play Store/ Apple store.


The Gameplay:

After loading and logging into the game you can just go straight into playing. The game will match you with up to 14 other people you have never met before, or you can bring a trialparty of friends along! After the game gets going you get to pick your character’s name for the game, just type whatever you want into the box (except for profanities and such), and then you go to role roulette.



There are multiple roles you can land on, from Mafia Godfather, to the town jailer, all the way to being a witch! Then that’s when the fun starts everyone will load into the town with their roles chosen and that’s when the manipulation, the late night murder, and the lynching in town square begins! There are scrolls and things you can get with the coins you earn in-game that help you land on a certain role, and for the steam version there is achievements to earn and trading cards if that interests you!


Final Grade: 90%

I’ve personally poured hours into this game, upwards of 50 to be exact and I still love playing it. There are just so many different play-styles and ways to get yourself to the final goal. It doesn’t have a story mode or anything like that but it does have normal, ranked practice, and ranked modes, as well as, create your own game.





  • The game no matter how many times I play it, never plays the exact same way
  • Every match and round are different
  • Sooooo many roles to play with and each one has a different ability or goal.
  • There is surprisingly such a huge community on it for being 2 years old
  •  You can have different sprites, pets, houses, and ways to die when you get lynched.
  • It’s FREE! or $5 on Steam


  • You can pay money for more coins in the game if you really want to.
  • Sometimes people throw games or just quit for no real reason.
  • The connection for the Browser edition is kinda hit and miss.


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