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Destiny: Rise of Iron – First Impressions

This article will be discussing the latest entry in Destiny, Rise of Iron. It may contain spoilers. If you wish to experience this new chapter blind, we highly suggest that you play the game first, then come back and give us a read 🙂



The Iron Lords have fallen, now only Saladin remains.


For a couple of months now, I have eagerly waited for the latest chapter in the Destiny saga. As an avid Destiny player I found myself becoming bored with the game due to the lack of fresh content. My excitement was seemingly matched by the gaming world, because as I was unable log in as soon as the game became unlocked. Destiny servers were overloaded for the first time in a long time. The wait proved to be worth it however, as this new story was every bit as exciting as Taken King. With a Light Level cap increase (385), a new raid, campaign, and Crucible maps and modes, this new update adds a plethora of fresh content.


Destiny: Rise of Ironcover

System: Playstation 4, Xbox One


Developer: Bungie

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Price: $29.99 USD (All Platforms)




New content galore!


Campaign mode:

Your new journey begins with a flashback to a year after the collapse, a time when there were no Guardians. It was during this time that the Iron Lords were the defenders of humanity. We’re given a glimpse into what appears to be the end of the final battle, with a female Iron Lord (Bretomart, maybe? Considering she’s wielding a machine gun.) sealing the door of a complex and activating a detonator as the door closes. Back to the present. You learn that the House of Devils has returned, and is feverishly after something in the Cosmodrome. Not only that, but Saladin has left his post at the Iron Banner to stop the fallen personally. The mission then starts in a new area on Earth, Felwinter Peak. It is here that we find out what the Devils are after, the SIVA.  The SIVA is a remnant of the Golden Age, a nanotechnology that can “hack” life forms. These new enemies seem to be just reskinned Fallen, as they use the same tactics. Using SIVA technology the House of Devils have managed to resurrect Sepiks Prime into an ascended form, Sepiks Perfected. You are then tasked with stopping the Devils and destroying the SIVA at the source. The battle takes you through the Plaguelands, a frozen wasteland on Earth, and even takes you back to Mars, to the archives of Clovis bay. You eventually find yourself in a familiar area, the  bunker where the Iron Lords made their last stand. It is here where you must defeat the ghosts of the past, and end the SIVA threat once and for all. The story is an action-packed ride that won’t leave you disappointed.


Crucible & Vendors:

One of the biggest additions to the Crucible is the new game type, Supremacy. In this new game mode, Guardians must collect must collect  their opponents’ sigil after each kill. This adds an interesting new mechanic to the classic deathmatch. This new game-type prevents suicide victories, but allows players to sit back and wait for other players to do the work, and then snake their rewards from them. This new game type may not be my favorite, but at least it’s something new.

The vendors have been updated also. Each vendor now sells gear leveled at 350 light. There has also been a complete overhaul on the cosmetics of the faction armors. These new armor designs look great. Some vendors also now sell ghosts, eliminating the headache of farming for high-level ghosts. Faction packages now drop with up to 385 light, eliminating the frustration of getting all 330 “junk” gear for maxed out guardians.


The vendors have been updated as well



In addition to the new strike, The Wretched Eye, Bungie has also decided to bring two legacy strikes into Year Three, The Devil’s Lair and The Summoning Pits. In The Wretched Eye, you fight through a Hive base that has succumbed to the SIVA outbreak. Making you way through, you must destroy SIVA nodes while fighting both Splicers and Hive enemies. The most interesting thing about the strike boss is that fact that he has an invincible pet running around attacking guardians as they face him. A new dynamic has been introduced to the Devil’s Lair strike. Sepiks Prime has been replaced with his splicer form, and raises an elemental shield that can only be lowered by special weapons dropped from the appropriate splicer captains. This adds a bit of strategy to the strike instead of the classic “run and gun” play-style used in most strikes.



As of right now, the raid isn’t available. It will be released on Friday, September 23rd at 10am PDT (Which is 1pm for the eastern US). The SIVA-themed raid gear will cap out at LL 385. The date for the Hard Mode version of the raid has not been released yet. I’m definitely looking forward to see what the raid has to offer.


Final Score: ??

Since some content hasn’t been made available yet, I am reluctant to give a final grade to Rise of Iron. I will say that what I have experienced so far is enough to rekindle my excitement for the game. Once I have completed the raid, I will update this post, including scoring.




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