1 Hour with-

1 Hour with- God Eater Resurrection

Do you like killing monsters with giant chainsaw swords? What if I told you that your ge-rchainsaw sword also turns into a gun as well as a shield? That’s what your weapon in God
Eater Resurrection 
can do. The weapons in this game also known as God Arcs have multiple forms. (Even turn into wolf looking things that bite the monsters you’re fighting.)



I picked this one up after watching the anime series a while back and I must say, it doesn’t do the anime justice. I really enjoyed the anime, but the game is kind of let down in the way of repetitive levels and monsters that are about the same in difficulty all around. There are some positives to this game though, a lot of customization and I mean A LOT! ge-r2You can customize from your weapon to your outfit to the hair color and face of your character. Another positive for me is the use of the same voice actors from the anime in the game, I was actually impressed. Overall I have to say that the game was kind of a let down, from the lack of lock on methods with your weapon, down to just how repetitive the game is, the only real saving grace this game has going for it is the Story driven
cut scenes and the customization level. It’s definitely fun at first.




Overall: I wouldn’t say don’t pick it up, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it, wait till it’s on sale.



For gameplay of God Eater: Resurrection, check out this video giving us a clearer look at the battling system!

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