Wallet Crusaders: Far Cry 4

In this open world action-adventure FPS (First-Person Shooter), we follow our protagonist Ajay Ghale deep into the daunting mountains and expansive forests of Kyrat. Caught between Pagan Min’s tyrannical control and Royal Army while trying to save the Golden Path (the rebel movement) during the civil war that has corrupted Kyrat, we follow Ajay as he ventures deep into his journey and the decisions he makes to save a nation.


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Far Cry 4

System(s): Pc, PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/XboxOne

Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal

Publish Date: November 18, 2014

Price: $20 (PS4, XboxOne), $25 (PS3, Xbox360), $20 (PC)


The Gameplay:



There’s something about the view that makes utter death and destruction seem…peaceful?

Following the story of Ajay Ghale, a young Kyrati-American, we are on our way home to Kyrat to fulfill Ajay’s late Mother’s last wish to spread her ashes in Lakshmana. Along the way Ajay is intercepted by Pagan Min’s Royal Army, our tyrant and antagonist of the game, and after a bloody misunderstanding we are “transported” to one of Kyrat’s Governor’s compounds for the special “party” that awaits him. Thus our destiny to save Kyrat unfolds with several morally decisive choices that will shape the future. Traveling between the divided nation of North and South Kyrat and the various Cities and outposts, random events can occur, such as saving hostages from armed Guards, saving random Kyrat citizens from animals attacks or even taking part in the skirmishes that happen frequently with the Golden Path. While breaking up potential monotony, it also helps earn you Karma along with other events such as: Collecting the four Thangkas, Masks of Yalung, spinning Mani Wheels and even hunting wild animals with a bow or throwing knife. Working through a 8 level pyramid scheme, rewards  such as discounts, Signature weapons and even negation of Karma loss with killing members of the Golden Path and the sacred Elephants.

Running ripe in the open world with combat and exploration and coupled with an outstanding OST, Far Cry 4 not only pits you against enemy soldiers during a third world civil war but also throws various wild life into the mix as well. Taking heavy influence from the villages that surround the Himalayan Mountains, we are literally thrown to the wolves and other various animals inhabiting the forests, mountains and waterways filling in the areas in between villages and several other points of interests. From driving vehicles to hang gliding, shooting and driving to using a grappling hook to climb up mountains, the adrenaline provided in this game is primed to keep you on your toes. utilizing (use your camera to your advantage!) a vast array of weapons with attachments to fit your play style, it’s ultimately up to you on how you approach completing the game whether it’s stealthy or guns blazing. Completing the dense amounts of the different types of side missions will unlock useful items in the fight against Pagan Min. From defusing bombs to hunting animals that terrorize villages, each missions earns you items of interest, Karma and experience.


Will you follow the way of The Tiger or The Elephant?


Outside of the Karma Leveling system there are elements of RPG intertwined within Far Cry 4 that only push your experience to the fullest. Two different skill trees are available, The Tiger and The Elephant that upgrade your offensive and defensive abilities respectfully, offering different options to help you throughout the game.

Starting in the Southern part of Kyrat, we are able to progress to the Northern parts by progressing through the entirety of the story. To open the map we must liberate Bell Towers, allowing the rebels to move forward and unlock the various points of interest around that particular around. Liberation of the 4 fortresses (stronger fortified bases that are weakened by defeating the Commander of each fort) and the several outposts covering the map results in fast travel points for the player, additional side missions and quests, as well as safe havens for the player to rest and buy ammunitions, weapons and other items. If at anytime the player feels overwhelmed they can use a Guns for Hire token and a member of the Golden Path will come to your aid but beware, they easily trigger alarms or enemy presence!


Missions range from taking down Pagan Min’s various forces to rescuing Hostages. Really putting the Player in some grim situations

In addition to our travels across Kyrat, we are subjected to Shangri-La, an ancient world (mainly with a color scheme of gold, red, orange, white and blue), not directly related to Kyrat but still an important  selection of Far Cry 4‘s narrative and story.



Far Cry 4 offers a Multiplayer/Co-op experience. Though main missions are not available, the side missions are and you are able to share inventory. You can turn off friendly fire but what fun is that? We are also able to play a mode called Map Editor where you can create a map for online play or try out one that has been created by another player. The replay value is considerable with this option though I would imagine continuous play would grow repetitious after a while


Final Judgment: 87%

Originally destined to be a sequel to Far Cry 3, instead Ubisoft Montreal decided to create a game modeled after the Maoist insurgency that happened in Nepal, a small South Asian nation, that lasted 10 years. The story felt partial but left the player to make some moral choices which put you in a “rock and a hard place”. With some of your choices affected the population directly it does bear some weight on your conscience and makes you really question how some of these World Leaders made the choices they did. The action was nonstop which could be overbearing for some, but for experienced players Hard really provided a decent play through value. From rampages in firefight and then randomly running into a pack of wild wolves or other wild animals, having to pull last resorts here and there it really was able to fulfill my blood thirst you gain with the ability to lay waste to everything around you. The ambient sound effects from distant fire fights to the brilliant OST, it’s easy to lose sense of time as your exploring and climbing your way through this game..unless you fast travel you can walk to any part of the map without buffering or a loading screen. A very explosive action packed game, with minor issues such as dumbed down A.I. support, bugs/glitches with character models and textures in the landscape and how lackluster the driving experience was. With the ability to Co-op and play other created maps, Far Cry 4 really packs a punch for its price.




  • Introduction of the Grappling Hook and Buzzer
  • The ability to hide the bodies of dead enemies
  • A semi decent story but nails it with the Antagonist



  • The driving took second seat to everything (typical Far Cry)
  • Random Events though intended to break the monotonous of the game up may cause enemies to be Alerted during your stealthier moments
  • The radio station can be very annoying at times
  •  Glitches in Character/Weapon models

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