20-minute prologue from Gear of War 4 released today!

Earlier on Twitter today the Official Twitter account for the Gears of War Franchise (Operated by Developers Coalition)  confirmed that the pre-load for the 54.6 GB size digital preorders were  to begin allowing downloads for Xbox One users around 5PT Central Time. PC pre-loading unfortunately is still unannounced but will be launching in the future soon as promised.

Screenshot (56).png


Also revealed today was 20 minutes of footage from the upcoming newest game hitting the Gears series.


Covering the prologue, we are introduced to a new character that will play an important part throughout the game. Rod Fergusson (Coalition’s Studio head) felt it was a great way to introduce the game to Players, while Matt Seacry was quoted saying this about this addition to the game’s campaign.

“One of the things we wanted to do was drop you right into the action. With a game like Gears, it’s really important that we get you in there and the way our story went, it was a good idea for us to use it also as a history lesson. So, we are going to take the player back in time to some key battle from the past of the Gears of War franchise.

“One of the other things we wanted to do was make sure to have a mission that was well-structured for a tutorial so we could teach some core mechanics to anybody that was returning or coming new to the Gears franchise.”


Gears of War 4 is scheduled to release on October for Xbox One and Pc. If you get the $100 Ultimate edition you can get an Early Access pass and begin playing as soon as October 7th!

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