Beta Access Impression

Call of Duy: Infinite Warfare | Beta Access Impression

On October 14th the BETA Access for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launched Worldwide for PS4 Users. With well over 3 MILLION dislikes on their reveal trailer, which was launched on May 2, it was amusing to see how many people complained about the servers being overwhelmed.

Screenshot (160).png

Many Players were unable to find a match to play, experiencing servers crashing or other abnormalites, which is common with Beta Testing. With demands for extensions of the Beta period (keep in mind the game is launched November 4th) it is important to remember that Beta Testing is a phase of software testing in which a sample of the game is offered to intended audiences to gain their interest.  Although many Players realistically pre-ordered the game purely to gain Beta Access, it always should be taken with a grain of salt that problems will arise.Infinity Ward, the Developers of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,  was rather quick to acknowledge server issues with the promise of an Update to accommodate the demands presented to their servers. During sometime yesterday as well as today, the promise was delivered via Updates without any mention of an extension to Beta Testing available to PS4 Players.

The Gameplay:

Taking many different influences from Black Ops III as expected, we are shown a much slower paced game this time around with Infinite Warfare. Trying to appease the masses we see many of the different classes offering different abilities and playstyles to adhere to different Players around the world. 14650363_1220322188024085_6520978339442416952_nContinuing the trend of momentum movement such as thrust jumps, sliding and wall running, we see colorful and inviting maps suited for your typical Call of Duty experience. Offering some classic Multiplayer options such as Team Deathmatch and Domination, we also saw a glimpse of a new game mode called Defender. (I say glimpse because during the 3rd day of playing after the 2nd update it was removed and replaced with Gun Game.)The maps that were offered (Frontier, Frost and Throwback) are well-developed for not only beginners but were also encouraging to seasoned players. Though there was emphasis on wall running and thrust jumping, it wasn’t nearly as heavily influenced by it as the previous titles, almost like it was taking a nod towards the foot work type of gameplay past Call of Duty titles provided.

Infinity Ward comes swinging out the gate with an introduction to some rather awesome weapons and even a brand new class system called “Combat Rigs”, seemingly to be taking note from the Specialist system in Black Ops III. With six rigs in total, we are only able to play 3 Warfighter, Merc and Synaptic (Stryker, Phantom and FTL will be unlocked upon release) we get a sneak peek at what each class offered such as abilities, perks and payloads.Traits are also shown to us, Traits will give Players persistent perks that will give them advantages in battles. Below are the Rigs that were available as well as the Payloads and Traits!



The Warfighter Rig is a mobile mid-range Combat Rig that is pretty accessible to all the players and is well-rounded in Offensive and Defensive play styles.

Payloads that were available were the following:

  • Claw- A firearm that has rapid fire with ricochet ballistic rounds. Aiming down the sights offers additional focused damage.
  • Combat Focus- The ability to gain double streak points for a limit amount of time
  • Overdrive- Grants limited surges of speed to the player

Traits that were available were the following:

  • Ping- Any Kills or Assists will activate your minimap of an enemy’s location.
  • Persistence Allows you to continue a Scorestreak after you die, although you can only earn each of your Scoresreaks once per match.
  • Resupply- Successful kills with non-explosive or energy weapons grant lethal and tactical grenades when picking up ammo boxes



The Merc Rig is a battle rig that focuses on heavy defense and providing cover for your teammates.

Payloads that were available were the following:

  • Steel Dragon- A heavy beam based weapon that tracks multiple targets
  • Bull Charge- A shield that will charge forward and level your oppression
  • Reactive Armor- An Electromagnetic shell that protects the Player from damage

Traits that were available were the following:

  • Infusion- Regenerates the Player’s health faster
  • Mans-at-Arms- Allows the Player to start with maximum ammo and weapons do not slow down movement
  • Shockwave- Performs a devastating ground slam



The Synaptic Rig is a designed for speed and close combat, well suited for Players that run and gun.

Payloads that were available were the following:

  • Equalizer- Dual integrated machine guns that offer suppressed fire within close combat quarters.
  • Reaper- Switches the player to rapid melee combat mode.
  • Rewind- Rewinds the players positions and refills health and ammunition.

Traits that were available were the following:

  • Combat Burst- Each kill offers a brief boost to movement and speed.
  • Propulsion- The Player’s thrusters are improved allowed energy to recover fast and will also damage enemy players below.
  • Rushdown- Allows the Players to execute quicker movements by pressing L3

Featuring the classic multitudes of weapons and attachments, we were able to check some of the different upgrades the game offered. With the ability to use some of the Salvage points that were earned, Players were able to buy Prototype Weapons which are existing weapons with unique perks and we were also able to check out the different attachments the different weapons had to offer. There were also bounties available for the different Mission Team you selected, each with it’s own special unlocks within the Armory. Overall I would say the hype train for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare probably has ignited wildfires across the World. I did experience massive server issues from waiting for extended periods of time waiting in matchmaking to the server being down or crashing, but as I stated this is common with Beta Testing and should be expected. With the approach to game play that Infinity War took with this title, it’s no wonder Players are demanding an extension.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set to release November 4, 2016 for Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xboxone. Stay tune for our Game Review over it when it launches!

Weekend 2 of Beta Testing will be: 10/21 (10am PDT / 5pm GMT) – 10/24 (10am PDT / 5pm GMT) PS4 and Xbox One

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