Wind Limit Studios and their newest game, Talewind

Wind Limit Studios, based out of Portugal, consists of two college colleagues that, after pursuing their degrees, eventually decided to join forces to create Talewind. A game that draws elements from the best platformers they knew. Philip Machado, the programmer, and João do Lago, the artist, came together in January 2015 to begin development of Talewind, drawing inspiration for its’ play style from old school platformers such as Megaman, Rayman, Sonic and Super Mario. Mashing up old school elements with Lago’s hand-painted art style (inspired by the works of Ghibli) with many worlds to explore and many bosses holding the doors to the next step, you are sure to be engrossed by the beautiful world that is Talewind!


SGR- The story of how Limit Winds Studios came about is rather interesting, did you two ever have any ideas you would be producing games together when you were in college together?

Limit Winds Studios- I don’t think we ever thought of that when we lived together, things just kind of happened. The project that we did together looked very triple AAA-ish so I guess that was the main reason why I asked him to come work with me.




SGR- With 5 hand drawn worlds each with 3 levels, how is Talewind going to make the player feel like the worlds are alive? How do you plan on accounting with potential repetition that is common in platformers?

Limit Wind Studios- Unfortunately we didn’t have time to implement everything we wanted to, one of those things was some assets that interacted with the player when they touched them and that would sure make the world more alive. We did try to make the world feel alive even though we didn’t manage to implement everything we wanted, I think the particles that we have in each world do a great job of passing that feeling to the player. Sometimes a leaf will pass right in front of the camera and that is really cool.

Regarding repetition, we tackled that issue Sonic style, every map has many possible routes to the end so a player can always choose a different path to the end. We are also planning new free content that is going to add more maps to the main story and some other side stories to keep the players coming back.



SGR- The Story of Talewind pertains to the journey of a young adventurous boy who is in search of answers when winds essential to his villages’ survival stop blowing, what type of enemies and bosses can we expect to see within the different environments presented in Talewind?

Limited Wind Studios- The enemies are a very varied bunch, from golems to deadly plants, There is a lot to see and every enemy is unique. The bosses range from rolling hedgehogs to giant guardians, you never know what you are going to get really. Every enemy in the game is also tied to the lore of the world, which you can check after you have killed them.

SGR- I was excited to hear there was going to be 5 hidden levels within Talewind for the more hardcore players. Are these going to mimic the hidden levels with the games it was based on or will it offer a different twist to what we are used to?

Limit Wind Studio- There is a funny story behind that. That was actually a mistake when writing the story page, but now we are actually planning on adding them on a free DLC after the Halloween one. They are going to be different from the unlockable ones, and they are going to be hard but way smaller so that people can pass the worlds faster if they happen to stumble upon them. They are mostly going to be about movement.




SGR- Besides the beautiful graphics and inviting game play, what else is going to draw an audience to Talewind? What would you say are some of the strong points provided within Talewind?

Limit Wind Studios- I think completionists are going to have a blast, and people who enjoy world with lore too. There are many little things to take home if you pay attention to the story. Most players probably don’t notice because they rush through the game, but the story is actually set in a floating island that is surrounded by a magical barrier. And then there is free DLC that is coming soon, every one loves free stuff haha.





SGR- What future ambitions or goals do you have for your studio after finishing the additional content for Talewind? Do you have any potential new projects in the works?

Limit Wind Studios- After Talewind the artist and I are parting ways, because he wants to work in animation while I want to keep on creating games. I have some ideas but nothing set on stone yet. I would like to move to 3D if the revenue from Talewind allows it, maybe explore a game with some sort of multiplayer… everything is open for now.

Talewind is available on Mac and PC via Steam . For more updates on Talewind be sure to visit Limit Wind Studios’ Website and Facebook! For more on the game play be sure to check out the Talewind launch trailer below!

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