First Impression

Smash+Grab – First Impression

Smash+Grab, first and foremost, is a blast to play. My first few matches were fun, but soon I started to see the flaws in the game.(It’s early access right now, so can’t be too judgmental.) There are 7 characters available at this current patch with 2 more on the way. I really enjoy the gameplay, and the idea is fresh and kinda revitalizing for the MOBA genre.


Now time for nitty and the gritty. Smash+Grab is great so far with what it has. There is some balancing issues though, and 9 times out of 10 your teammates won’t be around when you need them. I’ll say it looks pretty great, and the soundtrack is pretty fitting for what the game is. I’m also kind of a fan of the rock, paper, scissors, battle style. The game progresses in three stages, the first stage, small almost paper stand likes stores, and basic weapons, like for faster DPS characters pipes and hammers, for your tanks shovels, and for the ranged characters nail guns. Stage 2 is bigger stores, I’d probably liken them to more of a 7-11 or something like that, and even bigger weapons, your DPS characters get machetes, the tanks get wonderful sledgehammers, and the ranged characters get crossbows. Stage 3 gets more stores and two HUGE stores worth 10k apiece, and finally your tier 3 weapons, the DPS gets tactical swords, the tanks get battleaxes, and the ranged get shotguns. Now one of the biggest things about playing is while you are robbing stores, you will get things like gems or chemicals, you will use these to upgrade your weapons and upgrade terminals located in the map . The available upgrades are sonic, poison, fire, bleeding or sharp as I call it, and ice. Each upgrade gives your weapon a certain advantage, Ice slows opponents, while sonic allows you to break into stores quicker.


Now, onto some of the characters. You have the Rooks as they are called, Upscribe is your light protector or DPS character, his abilities range from boosting your stamina, to use a lighter and spray paint can to set your opposition on fire. Dripoff is the Rooks heavy protector or tank, and Etch is the ranged raider. Dripoff has a stun and a counter for his abilities and Etch has signs he paints onto the ground that give powerups. Each character or leader as they are called get a lieutenant that you can pick, they each have abilities as well but they activate on their own.

The next group are the Doomriders, Nil, is their lightprotector, and looks like a witch doctor(10 points for cool design). His abilities range from lighting himself and everyone else on fire, to throwing a gas canister down. Doomchild is your heavy raider, (and by far the most annoying tank in the game so far) and he just wrecks. His abilities range from taunting you into attacking him to spinning around in a circle bashing everyone in his way. Lastly for the Doomriders, is Scatter the ranged raider, his skills range from throwing nailbombs to crippling shots.

Lastly, are the Dappers, currently, only Tenblade the Light protector is available so that’s all I have to go on for them right now, but she’s a doctor/ninja, and throws scalpels at you and then a slash attack that deals a deadly blow most of the time.



The gameplay is pretty button mashy, and repetitive but overall fun, and communicating with your team if you don’t have discord or curse is using a chat box, which is really not my favorite way to go.

All in all, I have spent some time with this game and must say its worth giving a look, and since it came to early release on Steam it’s been on sale twice, and it has been really cheap(like $3.95). I’d definitely give it a try, get out there and rob those stores!

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