NX Revealed As Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced its upcoming home console titled Switch this morning after teasing a trailer last night. The console is a tablet/console hybrid and based on the reveal trailer, it looks to pack quite a lot of features into it.

First up is the way the console works in the first place. Unlike the WiiU, it appears as if games can run independently of the console portion. Instead of disc-based games, the Switch will support cartridge games and digital downloads. The WiiU has a range limitation due to the game’s feed being streamed to the handheld portion, and the Switch can be taken anywhere and played given there’s enough battery power to do so. It’s certainly an attractive feature and one that feels to slip in well with the current mobile gaming market.



Next up is the controller. Both the console and the controller live up to the Switch moniker. The console being able to “switch” from being stationary to mobile, with the controller being able to do it as well. Based on the reveal, the controller is made up of two core parts, and has three different functions: 1) can be used with a frame to create a more traditional controller experience for stationary console use 2) can be detached and attached to the tablet itself for mobile gaming and 3) when paired with a stand for the tablet, each part of the controller itself can be used as a separate controller, to create a console experience wherever you are. This last point seems to be the most interesting, and both parts of the controller would be used much like the Wii controller was.


Lastly, we don’t have any idea of what can be found inside of the console, or what kind of resolution the tablet itself will be putting out. It is known that Nvidia is involved with chipsets, and Nintendo themselves have stated that the chip is based on architecture seen in the world’s best video cards, but that’s all the information available at this time. In the reveal, Skyrim can be seen being played on the Switch, so one could only assume that it’s not going to just be a weak peripheral.

The Switch is slated to released March of 2017. Watch the reveal trailer below:

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