Indie Game Spotlight

Indie Game Spotlight: Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era

Yu-gi-oh The Dawn of a New Age is a unofficial Konami game, that allows you to play the official trading card game online, made by The Kaiba Corporation. It’s absouletly free and offers a massive, and I mean massive, card library. You can customize a lot of different things as well, from your card sleeves to the background when you battle. I have been spending a lot of time playing this lately and it’s  pretty solid.

This game has some problems of course, but it is pretty impressive for not being finished and being absoultely free. It has pretty much every card in the game in the available library and you can add card to the deck and use them for free, which makes the game all about the spirit of the game rather than money. ( A huge positive for me.) Unfortunately because of that, Konami could take it down at any time. I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen. yugioh

Everything in this game is customizable. You can customize your background, card sleeves, everything all the way till your attack symbol. I really enjoy how much customization the game offers.

Now I’ll discuss some of the problems with the game. Not all of the cards work properly. The built in game system  doesn’t realize that some cards only last for one turn. It has a no banlist mode which is fine and dandy except for the part for it ignores the card limit list as well (35 pot of greeds, here comes Exodia!) Another drawback of the game is connectivity issues. I might try to duel someone and it sometimes won’t let me connect to the host which is kind of a bummer. yugioh-duel

Lastly, some quick positives to finish up. The game automatically records the duels for you and asks you at the end of each duel if you would like to save your replay. The Kaiba Corporation has a youtube channel and encourages players to send in their replays.  If they like they match they will upload it on the youtube channel. All in all, if you are a fan of the trading card game you should download it for your computer and give it a try!


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