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Titanfall 2 | Review

This article will be discussing the latest entry within the Titanfall series. It may contain spoilers in some areas of the game.

This FPS sequel to the original Titanfall (2014) not only gives us a cross over to Sony, but also a Single Player campaign! We are also introduced to some new game mechanics to make our experience more fluid as well as some new Titans! Utilizing different skills with combat and parkour maneuvering, we will explore the Single Player and Mulitplayer segments of Titanfall 2!




Titanfall 2

Systems (s): Microsoft Windows, Playstation, Xbox One

Developer: Respawn

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: October 28, 2016

Price: $60 USD



The Gameplay:

Titanfall 2 is a FPS (First-Person Shooter) that allows the Player to operate not only the Pilot but also engage in battle with advanced mech-like exoskeletons call Titans. The Pilot utilizes different abilities, weaponry and parkour movements in the heat of battle. Tailoring the different customization will allow for more efficient battles but keep in mind that you are fighting waves of Grunts, Spectres, Reapers and other Pilots & Titans as well. Both the Single Player and Multiplayer offer an expansive experiences, the amount of firefights and just ensuring chaos compliments the game overall. The Player’s movement (the parkour movement was slowed down with this installment to be more accessible to newcomers) offers chained combinations to run through the various levels and maps. While you can still crouch, run and slide like typical FPS, wallrunning and such enhances not only the experience but also the Players capabilities.


The Single Player:

Titanfall 2 was met with critical acclaim with the addition of the Single-Player Campaign. The Player assumes the role of Jack Cooper, an infantry soldier in the War with the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) for control of the Frontier Planets. Spread out over 9 chapters spread out roughly around 6 hours of gameplay,  we follow the tale of Cooper as war erupts. During the Player’s tutorial there is a brutal assault by the Apex Predators, a ruthless group of mercenaries hired by the IMC, which claims the life of his Mentor Captain Lastimosa. Sure enough after the battle he is granted access to Lastimosa’s Vanguard-Class Atlas Titan, BT-7274! After restoring power to BT- 7274 we are tasked with finishing Lastimosa’s mission.




As the story progresses, we encounter different members of the Apex Predators and different parkour type of puzzles. At one point within the game we are give the ability to teleport back and forth through time, and throughout the level the Player has to do parkour moves while simultaneously traveling back and forth through time. It was an inventive and exhilarating experience that provided a breath of fresh air many FPS lack with Campaigns. The ability to choose an option with the limited vocal response gave a more personal feeling to the game and overall the story was extremely compelling and well done. The challenging Titan battles, story and even the puzzles just further proves Respawns’ credibility within the gaming community, not only providing a sequel (listening to its fanbases suggestions) to its successful predecessor but also surpassing it in every way.




The Multiplayer:

Outside of the Single Player experience, we see some really great improvements with to Multiplayer as well. Armed to the teeth with more customization choices, new abilities and much more, Respawn comes out the gate swinging. 9 detailed environments, complete with different obstacles and buildings to pakour, slide and jump from during your fight. Varying games modes such as Bounty Hunt, Last Titan Standing and Attrition (6 game modes in all, Mixtape will shuffle the modes) offer semi-refreshing playability to the different maps, but eventually (as with most FPS) the maps become rather predictable. Completing objectives and killing the various enemies will garnish points and once the Player has gained enough, will unlock the use of their Boost Card (such as revealing enemy locations, Pilot turrets and more!) as well as their Titan. Even a single Boost Card can change the tide of the game. Improvements to the Skill System makes the Player want to continue matches, because even if you lose, a lot of items will progress with experience depending on your performance. Many items may be useless (such as cosmetic skins) but other items such as sights and attachment unlocks will help better suit the Player’s style. Although the fresh search for new matches is nice, the bigger surprise was the Networks, in which you can join and play with fellow members!

Below, we will go more in-depth with the different Pilot Tacticals as well as introduce the new Titans!


Pilot Tactical-

Your Pilot’s special ability. Utilizing and figuring out which one suits you best will help your overall experience. Not to worry, here is the run down on the different Tacticals!



  • Cloak – Allows the player to become invisible for a brief period with increased effectiveness against Titans. Boosting and combat will reveal the Players movements.
  • Pulse Blade – A lethal and deadly blade that can be a one shot kill for an enemy Pilot. Allows detection of enemy Pilots with a brief sonar pulse.
  • Grapple – An accessible tool that will pull the Player’s Pilot to hard to reach places fast. You can also pull yourself to enemy Titans for a fast rodeo allowing for faster takedowns.
  • Stim – Stim will not only heal the Player at a faster rate when activated but will also boost seed as well.
  • A-Wall – A particle shield that is Pilot size and is only destroyable at its base. Will amplify ongoing shots.
  • Phase Shift – Teleports the player into an alternate space, allowing for the Player to have a quick escape or line of offense.
  • Holo Pilot- Creates an exact mimic of the Player’s Pilot that will continue acting like the Player was when engaged.


Titan Classes: 

The three Titan classes from the first Titanfall were modified and are given 6 new loadouts. Titans although much slower than Pilots, can cause some massive damage as well as act as a stand-alone. If at anytime the Pilot chooses, they can eject and the Titan will enter Auto-Pilot proving cover and support for the Player.




  • Ion – The Atlas-Class and overall well-rounded flexible assault Titan that is able to  handle different roles. Blocks bullets with a Vortex shield and shoots a powerful Laser Shot. Armed with a Splitter Rifle and Tripwire, the Ion also utilizes a Laser Core which emits a powerful laser beam from its chest.
  • Scorch – A Orge-Class Fire-based Titan that can prevent bullets and rockets with a flame wall. The flame core is an explosive ground attack that sets everything in its path ablaze.  Armed with a single-shot T-203 Thermite Launcher and combined with the incendiary trap, will wreak havoc on the battlefield
  • Northstar –  A Long ranger sniper Stryder-Class Titan that can hover, uses cluster missiles and has a Flight Core that rains hell upon the enemy. It’s tether trap will restrain and hold titans in place as well. Utilizing it’s Plasma Railgun which can charge for more powerful shots, it also has a Flight Core which rains barrages of missiles onto enemies.
  • Ronin- The Stryder-Class Titan, excels as close range hacking and slashing with a broadsword. Utilizing its arc wave ground attack it can indefinitely reduce damage from bullets and etc. using its sword. With use of phase dash you can travel fast and swiftly. The Ronin Titan is armed with a shotgun call Leadwall and a Sword Core that gains access to new attacks.
  • Tone –  The Atlas-Class Titan that uses a semi-automatic rifle with explosive rounds called the 40mm Tracker Cannon and blocks with a depolyable particle wall. Can reveal enemy location with a sonar lock while offering a mid-range with lock targeting ordinance. It’s Savlo Core lauches dozens of guided missles.
  • Legion – This heavy hitting Orge-Class Titan has a relentless output of damage, using a Predator Cannon- chaingun (that can be changed from short-range to long). Unforutnely the Cannon requires a long spin-up and slows the Titan down while moving. It’s Smart Core  seeks targets such individuals Pilots and Titans with auto-looking, ensuring full chaos .It’s  Powershot is a single hit blast, gun shield deflect minor bullets and cannon can be short or long-range


Final Judgement: 90%

Respawn really out done themselves with this sequel, while also promising more maps in the future as free DLC! The additions of new game mechanics, different customization progression and new Titans really added more flavor to a FPS that has already made a name for itself. Running through the maps using the various parkour movements provided rather seamless and fluid travel. Rodeoing Titans and the endless hordes of A.I. enemies to combat outside of enemy Pilots really kept me on edge with the various maps and game modes while never giving grounds for tedious game play.While the first Titanfall was super predictable during the matches and extremely fast-paced, we see slower movements and encouraging matchmaking. Thought spawn points may eventually become memorized, the ways to approach objectives always allows for different methods of winning. Overall Titanfall 2 is well-rounded, with a beautifully crafted Campaign and a well designed Multiplayer. What’s stopping you from achieving your Titanfall?


Pros – 

  • Introduction of a Campaign and also a platform cross-over to the PlayStation 4
  • Addition of the sliding mechanic
  • Addition of the grappling hook provided some rather fun and unique experiences.
  • More weapons, deeper  customization and a more in-depth approach to the skill system is improved.

Cons – 

  • Advocate Gifts tend to give the same skins and banners on a consistent basis
  • Spawn Points within the Multiplayer become predictable
  • Mutliplayer can matchmake into losing matches pretty often.


Below is gameplay footage of the Multiplayer during the game mode, Bounty Hunt!

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