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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Review

 This article will be discussing the latest entry within the Call of Duty series. It may contain spoilers in some areas of the game.

Continuing the trend with advancing into the Future, we find ourselves in the battle for the Solar System this time around! Utilizing the new mechanizes we find within the Space setting as well as the new Jackal (a combat spacecraft capable of combat in air and space) will we be able to save humanity from the grips of  hostile forces? Read more to see our thoughts on the Single and Multiplayer experience!

Here is our Beta Access Impression!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Systems (s): Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Developer:Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Release Date: November 4, 2016

Price: $60 USD


The Gameplay:

Infinite Warfare retains a lot of familiar features, including the popular chain-based momentum movement with thrusting, wallrunning as well as sliding. With the drive towards space, we see a lot of zero-gravity type movement as well as on ground combat.

Within the Campaign the Player is given the ability to boost as well as use of the grappling hook. Both of which will help with mobility in zero-gravity areas.

After completion of the game we are introduced to the Specialist mode. Specialist mode  has many handicaps such as the Player has to replenish health via pick ups, if limbs get damage you may not be able to use them as well as the ability for guns to be shot out of your hand. If you die you have to restart the entire game as opposed to just the check point. If only the limb damage aspect of this was included in the Multiplayer, the experience would have improved so much.


The Single Player:

Assuming the role of Nick Reyes, Captain of the Special Combat Air Recon (S.C.A.R.S.), the Player joins the war for the Solar System. Introduced to a  more in-depth approach to outer space, we see Infinite Warfare embracing mechanics such as zero-gravity and easier transitions from space to ground combat. Offering different customizable loadouts to help suit the Player better, we are offered a darker take on the War in space.

We arrive in a time where Earth has been stripped of all of it’s Natural Resources, resulting from population and industrial growth. The United Nations Space Alliance (UNSA), with a branch into colonizing in space,  created colonies around the Solar System to mine Resources. Unfortunately Antagonist Rear Admiral Salen Kotch and his Settlement Defense Front (SDF) has different plans for these valuable outposts. Thus the fight for survival begins.


Ship Assaults (Side Missions)

Utilizing our Jackal for both aerial and space warfare allows us to experience the death defying dogfights without overbearing limitations. Although the Jackal missions felt somewhat thrown together here and there, overall it offered a refreshing break from on the ground combat. With such freedom in movement, firefights in space become  heart racing as you maneuver through wreckage in the heat of battle. The ability to customize the loadout and the visual really helped me suit my play style to what I needed to beat the mission.




The Multiplayer:

Offering players many different options of playstyles with this installment to the Call of Duty franchise, we see a fairly large range of weapons and attachments. With the options to choose from ballistic weapons to futuristic energy-based ones, the Player can also gain upgrades by using Salvage Points. Salvage Points are earned by ranking up in your Mission Team, Supply Drops and by randomly signing in as well. This new weapon progression allows the player to earn different type of prototypes that has different combinations of perks.

The maps are decently in-depth, asserting front-line fire fights within the various maps (Frost, Terminal, Frontier, Throwback and Breakout). Different mechanics, especially parkour, are encouraged by offering adaptable environments to beginners. Veterans of the series will benefit from the fluidity of the flow. While a lot of these features seem favorable, ultimately with the game modes and nothing really innovative the multiplayer felt lack-luster.

Combat Rigs

Capitalizing off of the Specialist System  that was introduced in Black Ops III, we are given an upgrade to the class system called Combat Rigs

Warfighter – The Warfighter Rig is a mobile mid-range Combat Rig that is pretty accessible to all the players and is well-rounded in Offensive and Defensive play styles.


  • Claw – A firearm that has rapid fire with ricochet ballistic rounds. Aiming down the sights offers additional focused damage.
  • Combat Focus – The ability to gain double streak points for a limit amount of time
  • Overdrive – Grants limited surges of speed to the player

Traits: :

  • Ping – Any Kills or Assists will activate your minimap of an enemy’s location.
  • Persistence – Allows you to continue a Scorestreak after you die, although you can only earn each of your Scoresreaks once per match.
  • Resupply – Successful kills with non-explosive or energy weapons grant lethal and tactical grenades when picking up ammo boxes

Merc – The Merc Rig is a battle rig that focuses on heavy defense and providing cover for your teammates.


  • Steel Dragon – A heavy beam based weapon that tracks multiple targets
  • Bull Charge – A shield that will charge forward and level your oppression
  • Reactive Armor – An Electromagnetic shell that protects the Player from damage


  • Infusion – Regenerates the Player’s health faster
  • Mans-at-Arms – Allows the Player to start with maximum ammo and weapons do not slow down movement
  • Shockwave – Performs a devastating ground slam


Synaptic – The Synaptic Rig is a designed for speed and close combat, well suited for Players that run and gun.


  • Equalizer – Dual integrated machine guns that offer suppressed fire within close combat quarters.
  • Reaper – Switches the player to rapid melee combat mode.
  • Rewind – Rewinds the players positions and refills health and ammunition.


  • Combat Burst – Each kill offers a brief boost to movement and speed.
  • Propulsion – The Player’s thrusters are improved allowed energy to recover fast and will also damage enemy players below.
  • Rushdown – Allows the Players to execute quicker movements by pressing L3


Phantom – The Phantom Rig specializes in long-range combat as well as concealment.


  • Ballista Em3 – A electromagnectic projectile launcher that is highly accurate and has increased penetration capabilities.
  • Active Camo – Will allow the Play to be almost completely invisible.
  • Pulsar – An EM Sensor that will allow the Player to visualize the enemy positions.


  • Marked Target – Damaging an enemy will mark them for death, with the ability to prevent health from regenerating for 5 seconds. 
  • Rearguard – Allows the Player to spawn in with a shield attached to their back. Protects against attacks from the back, all melee attacks are prevented besides one to the front.
  • Heightened Senses – Aiming down the sight with a sniper rifle will allow the Player to pick up increased audio from nearby enemies. Warning blips will appear if close


FTL –  The FTL Rig is well suited for Players that like to run and gun


  • Eraser – An energy-based handgun with the ability to evaporate enemies .
  • FTL Jump- Moves the Player a short distance forward.
  • Phase Shift – Transports the Player to a different dimension in which you can avoid damage for a short period. Enemies that are phased is the only way an opponent can damage you .


  • Power Slide- Not only allows the Player to aim down the sights while sliding but also boost the speed and distance. The cost of boost is lowered as well.
  • Supercharge- Whenever the Player kills an enemy, a cooldown pack will drop. Your teammates can pick them up and boost their own super meters.
  • Perception- Will notify the Player when enemies are looking in their peripheral directions.


Stryker – The Stryker Rig is best suited for team support, and is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage.


  • Gravity Vortex Gun – Launches a projectile that pulls enemies towards it and damages them.
  • Micro Turret – A deployable turret that will attach to many different surfaces.
  • Centruion – Has the ability to destroy enemy projectiles as well as applies a eletromagentic field onto the battlefield.


  • Trophy Drone – Has the ability to destroy one lethal grenade.
  • Relay- The Player will be alerted when equipment detects the enemy.
  • Hardened- The Player’s drones and equipment will have increased health and will still operate even upon death.



Zombies –

Following the suit of previous installments of the game mode Zombies in terms of play style, we are also given 4 different characters as well (Poindexter, A.j.,  Andre the Rapper, and Sally the Vally Girl). Set in the 80’s with your typical stereotypes of that era we find ourselves 4 actors trapped in movie set turned into “Zombies in Spaceland”. Together with help from David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight (Knight Rider) we fight our way through hordes of zombies, it’s up to the Player to see how long. I wasn’t able to spend much time with the Zomibe mode but I felt it should atleast be acknowledged.

Final Judgment: 75%

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare left some rather gripping moments in its wake leading it the end. The additions to the campaign helped complete the feeling of being in space, but at times the story grew bland. Although the side missions were intended to prolong the roughly 8 hr experience, they themselves felt generic at time. The Rig Combat System as well as the new weapon progression enhanced the multiplayer experience to some degree. Unfortunately with games such as Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 having been released around the same time, the Multiplayer wasn’t something that caught my attention.  Though the different Rig Classes did provide some short entertainment, overall I felt the campaign took the cake with reasons to play this title. The focus on rewarding different play styles was a big step forward and the deep reach towards that goal was a great move as a final note.



Pros – 

  • Strong Protagonist with decent side characters helped build a solid story.
  • Different events in the story kept me playing till the end
  • Introduction to the new weapon progression system was invigorating
  • The 80’s theme with Zombies was fun

Cons – 

  • Repetitive Jackal Missions
  • Issues with Jackal controls at certain points
  • Movement in space can be confusing or nauseating to some
  • Salvage Coins were hard to build up
  • An uninventive Multiplayer hindered Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s experienced compared to other titles launching around that time.


Below is gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

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