Dead Rising 4 | Review

This article will be discussing the latest entry within the Dead Rising series. It may contain spoilers in some areas of the game.

Frank West, the infamous photojournalist makes a holiday comeback during the 10 year anniversary of the Dead Rising series! In this open-world survival horror splashed with some action-adventure  we see new classes of zombies, weapons, and even  a military grade exo suit! Will these changes be enough to keep the series running for another decade?

dead_rising_4_cover_artDead Rising 4

Systems (s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Windows

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Price: $60 USD


The Gameplay:

Dead Rising 4 is set in a third-person perspective and follows suit in a long line of survival horror beat ’em up titles taking place in no surprise: Willamette, Colorado. Even more disturbing, the outbreak takes place during Christmas at the memorial mall which had been set up as a remembrance piece for the victims of the first outbreak.

Breaking away from the traditional approach of having a timer and story co-op mode, this title still evokes many of the loved traits of the series as well. The ability to collect many miscellaneous items to craft in-depth, off-the-wall weapons still applies more than ever. The random encounters and side quests will still arise during your playthrough of the seven chapters and prologue. Armed with your trusty camera once again, this time it’s been modified. These modifications allow you to see in the dark with night vision and also utilize a Spectrum Analyzer that will be a big help in different parts of the game. You will encounter different emergency shelters that will offer Vendors for  Weapons, Clothes, Locations, Food and Vehicles. Completing random encounters and rescuing the various survivors will result in those survivors joining your emergency shelter. Vendors will offer access to premium items and goods as you rescue additional survivors.

12-11-2016_2-37-51_PM.pngAlso new to the series will be 3 different classes of zombies! These classes include:

The Horde: These sluggish moving zombies are going to be the ones that populate most of the open world. Slow to attack and easy to defeat, these will be the undead that the Player will identify with the most from the series.

Freshly Infected:  Unpredictable, quick, and deadly; these zombies are survivors that were just recently infected. Given away by their glowing red eyes, the Freshly Infected prove to be challenging when in large groups.

Evo: Evo zombies have the ability to hide, dodge attacks, use more cognitive thought, and even leap attacks. While they are the some of the most dangerous zombies to encounter within the game, they were also much less common.


While filling the gaps in between waypoints and story, the Player is encouraged to look for different locations, cellphones, podcasts, zombie graffiti tags and more!


The Single Player:

Set sixteen years after the first outbreak and only one year after the events of Dead Rising 3 (with protagonist Nick Ramos,) the Player assumes the role of Frank West once more. Although there was a  more “grizzled” and older approach to the character, West nonetheless maintained his sense of humor. While many core elements of the game remain intact, the timer doesn’t restrict the ability to freely explore the open world. With that in mind, take your time progressing through the journey of unraveling the outbreak that has begun to spread once again. With the creation of Zombrex, medication which greatly slows zombifaction the probability of an outbreak was taken care of, or so we thought. Utilizing his camera and much more, the Player follows West through various cases revealing everything that has caused the outbreak. Will West manage his way through this or will this be the last time he “rises”?



The Multiplayer:

During the time frame of the Writer’s playthrough and review, the Multiplayer was not available. We were able to go through some of the options and have been able to reveal at least this much:

Selectable Characters and their Class – Isaac Tremaine (Melee), Jessa Yatsuda (Ranged), Jordan Maxwell (Thrown), and Connor Mcmann (Healing).

Episodes – Episode 1 Welcome to Holiday Hell (The Player must complete Hammond’s challenges within the Medieval Town and Central Plaza areas.)

We will be sure to update this section when the multiplayer update is made available!


Final Thoughts: 75%

Ultimately, the removal of the timer and the addition of health regeneration created the fun from the previous titles without the consequences. Running ripe with comical banter and the incredible Easter eggs (hell zero you know I’m looking right at you,) Dead Rising 4 feels like the older titles without many of their restrictions. Sadly, this made the game a bit too easy for my taste. The exo suits, variety of cars, insane weapon combinations, and the overwhelming waves of zombies to kill were great, sure… but at what cost if the difficultly isn’t even a factor? Oversimplifying the gameplay ultimately took away any feelings of consequence and decision-making that the previous titles thrived on. Item management was a joke; the best items trumped everything else until they broke down or expended the ammo completely. I really wasn’t satisfied with the ending, and think that hiding the true ending within the DLC is a drawback of its own. To add elements of the game to lure back a veteran of the series with a DLC could prove to be a bad move.


While the ending has caused a stir within the general Dead Rising fan base, there seems to be solid reasoning behind it. Leaked only days after it’s launch, it seems Dead Rising 4 is getting some rather interesting DLC which will be available through it season pass (available on Xbox One and PC for $20.) Frank Rising should be an interesting experience in which Frank becomes infected and the Player is given a time limit to find a cure before he turns undead and the truth is lost forever. Also noted was Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf which offers 18 holes with online support for up to 4 Players. Instead of using typical putters, they Player will be using guns to move the ball. Outside of the new additions to the story, we will also see new holiday-themed weapons, vehicles, costumes and even zombies! Fulfilling your ever-loving desire to deck the halls with guts of zombies with the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack!


Pros – 

  • The homage to Capcom was on par with previous titles
  • Multitudes of zombies in awesome detail
  • Large selection and combinations of guns and creatable weapons
  • Ok, I admit it. The exo suit was pretty badass!
  • Decent selection of cars

Cons – 

  • Inability to play the Multiplayer
  • Lack of timer made the game too easy
  • Game- crashing bugs, as well as glitchy zombie movements
  • Lack of multiple endings (true ending allegedly hidden within DLC)


Below is the offical trailer for Dead Rising 4!

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