New DLC Trailer for Dead Rising 4 revealed!

Having just released on December 6th, 2016, Dead Rising 4 gets even more merrier with its first DLC installment: the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack! Complete with zombies dressed as elves, new weapons and a brand new vehicle, Frank West and the Dead Rising series continues to up the ante as far as they can!


Implementing even more Christmas cheer within the Dead Rising series, we see complete overhauls with skins ranging from gingerbread men, snowmen and much more!

Taking place within the original source of the first outbreak in , the Willamette Memorial Mall in Colorado we follow Frank West once again as he attempts to find the truth behind all of this mayhem. We didn’t see any indication of what happened to Frank after the ending of Dead Rising 4, but what we did see were the following:


New weapons –

  •  Lights Out – A Baseball bat with barbed wire and intertwine with Christmas lights
  • Candy Pain – A candy cane sledgehammer packed with several  grenades at the top

New Vehicle – 

  • Santa’s Little Melter – A motorcycle with adorn with Christmas lights, a huge Rudolph the Reindeer head as well as dual shooting LASERSS!


For more on what to expect with the Stocking Stuffer Holiday DLC pack, check out the official trailer below!!

For our review and thoughts on Dead Rising 4, be sure to visit here! What were your thoughts on this Holiday filled zombie title?

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