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Stiles’ Reviews | I am Setsuna

So, who here has heard of Tokyo RPG Factory.? No One? Well how about Square Enix? There we go. What self-respecting JRPG fan hasn’t heard of the juggernaut. The two companies that merged to form this behemoth of a corporation were not only the creators of the JRPG genre back on the NES with Dragon Quest/Warrior, but also the reigning kings of the genre for over a decade.

Well time has passed, and with it things change. The ‘Golden Era’ of Console JRPGs drew to a close many a year ago, and Square Enix too, turned their back on the very genre that was their bread and butter for so long. Long time fans of the genre plead for a return to form while Square Enix continued to put out title after title that seemed to mock the core values of their earlier hits; At least, that was the case, until they formed the small development team, Tokyo RPG Factory, to create a title reminiscent of those that long time fans had been clamoring for. See? I had a plan with that intro all along.

Enter, I Am Setsuna, the self-proclaimed throwback JRPG that uses Chrono Trigger as it’s base and Sadness as it’s theme. In this title you play as the mercenary Endir, whom is tasked with protecting ‘The Sacrifice’ (Setsuna) during her long journey to her final resting place. She will surely need said protection, as her long trek will have her facing deadly adversaries, traveling through perilous dungeons and slogging through miles upon miles of unbroken snow.

The real question however isn’t whether or not Setsuna will survive her pilgrimage, but whether or not Tokyo RPG Factory truly succeeded at capturing the spirit and charm of the Golden Era games that it is attempting to emulate. Check out the video for yourself and see what I thought of I Am Setsuna.

The beginning of 2017 not only marks the beginning of a new year, but also a new era as well. Super Game Reviews is proud to announce our partnership with Stiles’ Reviews to offer you a fresh outlook within the gaming community as well as the YouTube one. From all of us at the SGR family, we welcome Nathan Stiles with open arms and look forward to working alongside such an aspiring YouTuber!

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