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Electronic Sports League unveils rules for competitive Destiny play

With competitive gaming becoming more and more popular every day, it was only a matter of time before one of the more popular FPS’s of this generation, Destiny, jumped into the fray. The eSports giant ESL (Electronic Sports League) has officially outlined their ruleset for competitive Destiny play, becoming the first league to do so.


One of the more noticeable changes to the format is that ESL is abandoning the traditional 3v3 Destiny fireteam in favor of a 4v4 squad, mirroring other FPS tournament styles. In addition to that, heavy ammo will be banned from matches. It hasn’t officially been stated whether it will be “waved off” (In the opening first seconds of the match if all players use the “wave” emote, heavy ammo will not appear throughout the match), or if players will just be forced to ignore it. Year One armors featuring the Special Weapon Ammo perk are prohibited. Certain gun perks such as Kneepads and Crowd Control for shotguns are illegal, and the Luck in the Chamber perk has been banned outright. Exotic armor is not allowed, but most exotic weapons will still be legal, with a few exceptions. Class-specific weapons have also been met with the banhammer. These rules for guns seem to be in place to eliminate any possible one-shot “cheap” kills.

Exotic Weapon Banlist:

-No Land Beyond
-Universal Remote
-Ice Breaker


Guns that regenerate ammo, such as Invective, are banned from competition


ESL has also developed a new armor rating system, designed to keep all players around the same level of hit points. No players armor stat using this new system may exceed 7. This will prevent “Tanks” from simply trading shots and winning based purely on HP.


Game types for competition will include Clash, Zone Control, and Supremacy. Scoring will be set to default values, except for Supremacy which will be set to 100. Matches will have a 12-minute timer, deterring camping. Only one player on a team may use a particular subclass, as duplicate subclasses are not allowed. This eliminates the possibility of teams constructed of solely self-reviving Sunsingers, and forces players to play their part for their teams to be successful. Certain class perks, such as the Bladedancer’s “Backstab” are outlawed, but the Titan’s “Shoulder Charge” perk is still legal (For now). Light Level will be disabled, which is a standard for most Crucible matches.


Destiny’s newest game type, Supremacy, will be featured in competitive play

All in all, I think this is a very good set of outlines for competitive Destiny matches. I’m very excited to see what builds will be utilized in the competitive metagame. In my opinion, Destiny is one of the best FPS experiences currently available, and I feel it will bring a lot of new faces into the world of eSports.



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