A Deeper Look at the 2017 PlayStation Exclusives Lineup

Sony is bringing in the new year with a BANG!  With over a dozen exclusive titles, it seems that this corporate giant is gunning for a strong year and is DEFINITELY not holding back any punches. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the exclusives we’re most excited about:


Detroit: Become Human

Developer: Quantic Dream

Release Date: TBA 2017

Detroit: Become Human is a neo-noir thriller game that will revolve around several playable androids in third-person perspective. Different characters can die, which will shape this action-adventure game into a more customized experience for the player. This allows for the continuance of the game’s progression upon the player’s death. The story also has the ability to branch in different directions, and by obtaining clues from different crime scenes will allow for the events to be replayed.



Drawn to Death

Developer: The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

Release Date: TBA 2017

This third-person shooter not only looks hand-drawn within the notebook of a teenager, but will also be more focused on skill than its peers. Acting within a 4-player arena, the players will have different abilities and attacks as well as the different levels featuring multiple hidden secrets. Weapon progression will be a thing of the past with this title, as the only advantages within the game will be map memorization and muscle memory.




Developer: Media Molecule

Release Date: TBA 2017

This sandbox title not only shines a spotlight on the player’s creativity but will also allow sharing of that content as well. By controlling an imp, the player is able to influence and manipulate different objects. Utilizing the imp’s ability to possess, the player can control different characters featured in the different dreams. Using the variety of obtained characters and items is the main way of progressing the main story, which is heavily based on puzzles.



Developer: Impulse Gear

Release Date: TBA 2017

Set in on a hostile and alien world, this PlayStation VR title will take players on a fight for survival. Searching for the fate of your team and stumbling onto the secrets of the planet,  this game will push boundaries of FPS experiences.


Gran Turismo Sport

Developer: Polyphony Digital

Release Date: TBA 2017

Finally making its PS4 debut, Gran Turismo Sport is the thirteenth installment in the series. Offering both online and offline racing, the players will see three game modes: Arcade Mode, Campaign, and Sports Mode. Lacking the Day/Night cycle (though the player can choose the time of day prior to racing) as well as dynamic weather, this title is said to be a new era of the Gran Turismo games.


Gravity Rush 2

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Release Date: January 18 2017

This action adventure will allow the player to manipulate gravity and utilize different movements as well as navigations. Offering three different gravity styles: Lunar, Jupiter as well as the original style from the first game. With 3x times the amount of content, this game will also offer a map that is 2.5 the size of its predecessor.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 

Developer: Ninja Theory

Release Date: TBA 2017

Focusing on ninja combat, strong character development and storytelling, and a unique art vision, we are introduced to a story based on Celtic Mythology. Traveling through an underworld consisting of real and mental manifestations, the player is put to the test with this brutal hack and slash game. Exposed to unforgiving combat and the savagery of the Viking heartland, will protagonist Senua be able to survive?.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Release Date: February 28 2017

This third-person action RPG takes the player deep into a world overran by robots. Playing as the huntress/archer Aloy, the player makes use of stealth tactics, ranged and melee weapons against the mechanical creations. Featuring an open-world experience, different parts of the map are assigned to different tribes which harbor side quests to compliment the main story.


New Hot Shots Golf

Developer: Clap Hanz

Release Date: TBA 2017

An arcade sports title that not only offers golf galore,  but also other activities such as buggy racing, swimming and more! Offering updated graphics and character models,  this will be the long-running franchise’s first appearance on PS4. With added options to develop and customize golf resorts paired with an open world design, this is looking to be the largest Hot Shots Golf title to date.


Knack 2

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Release Date: TBA 2017

This action-platformer is a co-op sequel to Knack,  which was released in 2013. Using different methods of combat, the ability to change sizes and much more, the player will experience various puzzles and challenges throughout the different levels. By incorporating the skill tree, the player is encouraged to customize their experience with all the different abilities to find unique solutions to the challenges.



Developer: Housemarque

Release Date: TBA 2017

A Sci-Fi action game that not only pits the player against a world infected by “Smart Matter” (a deadly alien material,) but also pushes the limits of survival. Will this be the end of humanity?  Or will the player be able to overcome the alien force that caused this infection?


MLB The Show 17

Developer:  SIE San Diego

Release Date: March 28 2017

The 12th  annual installment within the MLB’s flagship game is stopping at no cost to bring you the best baseball title to date. The “Road to the Show” has been improved, and so has the production values  — they’ve added an outfield dance and much more! Utilizing both brand new and retro ballparks, and adding even more advanced stats than previous titles, it seems this game will cater to its fans extremely well.


Nex Machina

Developer: Housemarque

Release Date: TBA 2017

Nex Machina is an arcade-style game with explosive competition and challenges. Set in a world where machines overcome mankind, the player is thrown into a fight against eradication. This top-down shooter will offer the player many different styles of gameplay and different ways to satisfy the player’s ruthlessness.


NieR: Automata

Developer: PlatinumGames

Release Date: March 7 2017

This action RPG is set in the middle of a proxy war, pitting the remnants of humanity against dark machines created by otherworldly forces. Set in the same universe as NieR, this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic open world environment. Automata will be taking place after the 4th ending of NieR, but has no direct tie to the narrative in the previous game.



Developer:  Team Ninja

Release Date: February 7 2017

Nioh takes place in the early 1600s,  during a civil war within Japan.  Assuming the role of a Western samurai, the player will be pitted against not only other humans but also supernatural entities called “Yokai.” The player will navigate through the various missions from the menu while the scattered Shrines will act as checkpoints. Utilizing different stances will allow for a more in-depth take at traditional hack and slash combat.


PaRappa The Rapper Remaster

Developer: Nanaon – Sha Japan

Release Date: TBA 2017

“Kick, Punch, you all remember!” This rhythm-based title is a remastered version of the original title released back in the mid-’90s. Utilizing unique level and character design to complement the rap-based rhythm levels, this title is said to be the godfather to modern rhythm based games.


StarBlood Arena

Developer: Sony San Diego

Release Date: TBA 2017

This virtual reality title offers a unique experience for arena-based multiplayer, pitting futuristic mechs against each other. This title will not only offer Battle Royal, but also Single Player Arena Challenges as well as Team Deathmatches. 2 to 4 players will be able to team up for cooperative gameplay for an intense, close-quarter combat experience.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Developer: Naughty Dog

Release Date: TBA 2017

Taking place after the events in Uncharted 4, this upcoming DLC for Uncharted 4 = will also act as a standalone expansion. Taking place in India, we follow protagonist Chole in her search for the Tusk of Ganesha. This third-person action adventure game will be the biggest story expansion to date, and will be available at your neighborhood local video game store,  as well as available as a digital download.


WipEout Omega Collection 

Developer: Psygnosis / SCE Liverpool

Release Date: TBA 2017

This futuristic anti-gravity racing collection not only will offer an enhanced port of WipEout HD (2008) but also WipEout HD Fury (2009) and WipEout 2048. Thriving off fast-paced gameplay and 3D visuals, these titles are also well-known for their consequential difficulty.


Yakuza 0 – Kiryu

Developer: Sega

Release Date: January 24 2017

This action-adventure takes place in 1988, in an open world,  and is the prequel to the Yakuza series. Unlike its predecessors where experience was used to purchase skills, the player will use money earned throughout the game via fights or side businesses. Yakuzo 0 features two playable characters, Kiryu and Majima (both with different playstyles and various abilities) who are fighting for their innocence and safety, this title will take the player deep into the power struggle within the dark organizations in Japan.


Whether it be a big AAA title, expansion, or smaller indie game,  it seems that Sony has a busy year ahead of them. Which of these exclusives are YOU most excited about? Let us know in the comments section.

And as always, stay tuned to Super Game Reviews for updates on these titles!


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