Wallet Crusder: Mad Max

This action-adventure not only emphasizes vehicular & brutal hand-to-hand combat but also exposes the player to some of the harsher elements of survival as well. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment that was decimated by nuclear warfare, Mad Max and Blackhand Chumbucket scour the wastelands. Seeking revenge against Lord Scrotus after a near fatal encounter that left him stripped of everything. Will Max reign victorious over Lord Scrotus and the War Boys of Gastown or will he become another corpse piled up within the “Big Nothing”?

mad_max_keyart.pngMad Max

Systems (s): Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 & Xbox One

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Feral Interactive

Release Date: September 1, 2015

Price: $15- $20 PS4, XB1

The Gameplay: 

This title is not only an action-adventure title with several different approaches to combat but it also a survival game with traces of an RPG. The three vital sources of surviving (water, gasoline, and ammunition) within this post-apocalyptic setting seem to deplete faster than you can find them. Water will provide the player with health replenishment, gasoline will refuel the Magnum Opus or else the player will be left walking and ammunition for the quicker methods of execution. Outside the vitals, we have scrap (used for upgrades), History Relics (memoirs of the past before Society became the wastelands) as well as Hood Ornaments (retrieved by destroying convoys). Within this open-world experience, Max will encounter several strong allies that will require help within their Strongholds and around the region in order to help assist with the fight against Lord Scrotus. They will also act as safe havens for him to replenish his needs for survival.


Within the different regions developing within the “Big Nothing” there lies different side quest, enemy fortress (with one boss heading their own base) as well as friendly Strongholds. These allied safe havens can be upgraded to provide Max with food, water, gas as well as ammo. Upgrades for the various Strongholds as well as the car itself can be found in the surrounding regions. Different abilities and upgrades may require a side quest to be completed or may be hidden in a breakable box deep within a fortress, it’s up to the player to dig around and find out. Other upgrades may require the threat level of the region to be lowered by destroying various enemy structures as well as defeating their fortresses and bases.

A huge benefit from defeating these structures is that allies can overtake them and then provide you with a recurring deposit of scrap. Scrap is the main focus for upgrading within the garage but also within the character development. It can be found scattered throughout the map, almost every base as well as left behind in wreckage from destroying enemy vehicles. With a vastly customizable system that will help personalize the player’s experience to a degree, the way the scrap is spent is crucial to survival in many cases.


The Single Player:

Although it isn’t necessarily based off of the Mad Max Trilogy or Fury road, to say this title isn’t influenced by the universe of both would be an understatement.

Following a similar take to a highway patrol officer that was crafted to a survivalist, we follow Max’s journey to the Plains of Silence. Disrupted by Lord Scrotcus, the son of Immortan Joe, who then robs him of everything and leaves him for death after an intense fight that resulted with a chainsaw being stuck in Scrotcus’ head. Stripped of his weapons, clothes and his car he stumbles onto Chumbucket, a hunchbacked backhand mechanic and together they work to liberate the wastelands from Lord Scrotcus’ hold and gain alliances across the wastelands in the hope for revenge.


Final Thoughts: 75%

Mad Max is a prime example of what Wallet Crusader is a representation of; finding good games at a great price. One that won’t hurt the wallet. At $60 this title would have been a disappointment for me. With that being said, at $15 I thought this title was well worth the price. The amount of gameplay and post game content with cleaning up everything missed in the initial playthrough, I feel the player will have a fun and enjoyable experience that differs from what is being released. The strong focus on vehicular combat and the more brutal aspects of hand-to-hand as well is a drawing force even with repetition in the way. While combat really won’t differ in aspects of how it will be approached, the boss battles are a bit different and push the level of tactical approach in a Dark Souls way.  The most exhilarating parts of the game lie within the car combat and races, growing increasingly destructive with the more upgrades unlocked. It is a grind to unlock different customizations and parts of the map, and with the wastelands featuring mostly canyons, dirt, and cliffs it can become tedious but the developers did a solid job at having enemies and other threats litter the map to keep the player’s interest. This title screams explosions, mayhem, and death and allows the player to get it any way possible.



Pros – 

  • Character and car customization
  • Intense weather change that gives the game an entirely different playing experience
  • Combat with the different War Parties
  • Chumbucket’s love the Magnum Opus

Cons – 

  • Repetition within the missions and combat
  • Glitches with commands made within the game or during combat
  • Once you have Stronghold maxed out you can just replenish everything via fast travel before missions to have an upper hand
  • Many of the various camps the player will encounter will look similar in appearance with not much changing outside of enemies and objectives

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