Xbox Insider Program members begin to receive the Creators Update for Microsoft!

Xbox Insider Program members began receiving the first wave of features for the Creators Update starting January 23, and will see more in the future. Aiming to improve hundreds of different areas within the gaming experience, gamers will see updates geared towards system performance, improved social functions, and much more.


These features will not only benefit the Xbox One, but also Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. Basically, any device that you use to sign into an Xbox Live account will eventually see enhancements within the realm of gaming.

Below is just a glimpse of what to expect in the future for the Creators Update!

Beam –

Opting for instant streaming to Beam from Xbox One and Windows 10,  this update will be leaving Twitch in the shadows. No extra software is needed and streaming will be as simple as pressing one button from within the Guide menu to instantly stream your footage.


Accessibility for Everyone – 

Microsoft is taking steps towards making gaming more accessible for everyone with the Xbox One, even those who normally may not be able to play. By introducing a “Copilot” feature, players will be able to hook up two controllers and use them as one. The player can also configure the setting to use any assortment of body parts to control the gameplay.  We will also see more audio output options, a custom rumble setting for the Elite controller, and new enhancements to Magnifier and Narrator.

Increased Performance –

Several features are  improving the system’s performance, and quality of life upgrades are aimed to keep a gamer gaming:

  • The interface is being upgraded to make system updates even easier,  Allowing Xbox one users to keep up-to-date regardless of the power mode they have choosen.
  • Developers on Xbox One will now see the addition of Dolby Atmos for Home Theater.
  • The Blu-ray drive will now support a beta of bitstreams, which allows the audio to be decoded natively by your receiver.
  • A series of Cortana enhancements are on the way, including a redesign of Cortana herself. Within this update we saw additions of alarms and reminders, and in the coming weeks the updates will be geared towards enhancing the player’s gaming experience.



Newly Enhanced Guide –

To answer the complaint of having a complex UI, the home menu is now simplified to optimize speed.  The guide itself will require just one button to bring up and will act as an overlay on the left side of the screen. It will show the most prominent features the player has been accessing, as well as quick access to media controls for background music.

Competitive Tournaments and Social Networking –

The Arena on Xbox Live will start seeing more professional organizations (like ESL and FACEIT) starting with World of Tanks and Killer Instinct, with more supported titles to come. Players can invite friends and other gamers to join, record the results, and share them on Xbox Live.

This update will also allow easier communication between friends. Expect to see updates to the Activtity Feed, Clubs/Looking for Group as well as easier ways to connect you to people playing the same game.

Tell us about your favorite feature, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available from the Microsoft community!

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