Stiles’ Reviews | Cutting Corners: A Dissection of Final Fantasy XV Part 1

Saying I’m late to the party here would be a vast understatement, and yet, I feel that this video series is more than essential. While Final Fantasy XV has been covered by every game journalist, critic and fan, I have yet to see an all-encompassing, fully analytical critique of the game, and certainly not one that actually describes WHY the game turned out the way it did. Note: This does not mean that such an analysis does not exist. Just that I haven’t found it yet, which compelled me to make this very video..err series? After long talks with several people I trust about the state of what was at one time a 30 Page script and an hour and a half of recorded dialogue, it was suggested (repeatedly) that I break the video into multiple, more user-friendly segments. That being said, any statements referring to video length are remnants of the previous version, which was one solid chunk of a video essay. I may still upload the entire thing once I have completed all four parts, but that is yet to be seen.

Anyway, it’s no secret that I am not fond of the game as it turned out (and if it were a secret, it would cease being one as soon as you clicked on the video) This first section in particular, discusses whether or not I feel that Final Fantasy XV succeeds at being a Final Fantasy game, and why or why not that may be. I had a lot of fun working on this deliberation. It is an argument that fans have been having since about the time of Final Fantasy X, and I feel that I’ve finally at least taken a step in the direction of answering that all elusive question once and for all. “What Makes Final Fantasy what it is.” Whether or not you agree with my opinion after watching the video, I feel that I’ve taken a deeper stab at it than most others have and truly welcome counter arguments. My goal always has been and continues to be, furthering the discussion of gaming as an art form. So, even if you hate my guts for my negative opinion about the game, if it sparks intelligent conversation, then I am satisfied.

Please excuse my ramblings, this is the largest project I’ve ever worked on, and I have an understandable attachment to it because of that. Either way, I thank you very much for watching.In part 2, I will be delving into the state of the Japanese console market, The reliance on Spectacle over Substance within the game, and the fact that “Open World” is not a genre. I hope you all stick around to watch that video as well, as it should be coming soon! If you do enjoy the video, please Like, Comment Subscribe and Share, and don’t forget to keep checking out Super Game Reviews for even more great, video game content.

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