Stiles’ Reviews | Cutting Corners: A Dissection of Final Fantasy XV Part 2

I feel the title is fairly self-explanatory this time. This is Part 2 of my 4 Part video series dissecting Final Fantasy XV. I highly suggest you start with Part 1 as the videos build atop one another in terms of content.

For those that need a refresher, Part 1 of this series focused on whether or not Final Fantasy XV holds onto the same ideals and standards as the previous games in the series did, and I posited that it, unfortunately, did not., This was primarily because it lacked the Party Dynamics that have remained the core of the series gameplay up to this point, even though the game’s presentation does indeed live up to the series standards.

Part 2 however, drops all pretense and examines Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay as a stand-alone title, discussing the combat and exploration as well as delving into the game’s marketing to determine why the game is designed the way it is.


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