Indie Game Spotlight

16bitnights and the Dark Labyrinth of Tauronos

hg3_by_vasile20022003-db4j2g7.png Tauronos is a game based upon exploration within a pitch black labyrinth, forcing the player to solve puzzles, avoid danger and more!

This title will not only offer a challenge within the game, but will also provide a story for the player to overcome within themselves, breaking away from traditional exploration and adding a depth of fear that will keep you running.

Popa Manuel of 16bitsnights, along with Cavalie Ro, Alexei Ryan, Clovis Hianne & Aline Dean Enesca teamed up to create this suspenseful title in which time is the only currency. Time in which the beast gets closer.

SGR – This single-player game not only combines Action Rpg elements with Horror but also involves various puzzles and traps to overcome. Outside varying levels, combat and secret areas to find, what else will interest the player to play Tauronos?

16bitnights – Well you pretty much covered half of it in the description. We want to take it to next level and concentrate on exposing the fight with the inner beast, and try to stay faithful to the myth core. So, we will have, in addition to the trap puzzles, psychological puzzles which will reveal the personality of player.
Another thing will be a map editor for players to build their own maze and share with friends. Custom maps, many easter eggs and some fun game modes.




SGR – What inspired you to blend different mixtures of pixel art within a Greek theme? What will players find in the prevailing depths of darkness?

16bitnights- I love retro games, my partner loves Greek theme, we are indie devs so we added into the project what we love most. As for what the will player find, hopefully, is themselves. Their mirror will flashback about their own personality and struggles with their inner beast, a conclusion, a revolution, defeat of inner fears, and upgrades, treasures, easter eggs, secret rooms, reflex traps, puzzle traps, psychological challenges, tension moments, adrenaline-filled moments as well as ones with yielding satisfaction. And a Minotaur!


download (2)


SGR – With a game based on the myth of the labyrinth, what type of puzzles and encounters can the player expect to find within Tauronos? What was your main focus on incorporating ideas from the legendary battle between Theseus and the Minotaur?

16bitnights – We split the puzzles into 2 categories: logical puzzles ( hidden patterns on the floor, clues on map architecture ) and psychological puzzles (which we try to make the player understand life on a more personal level).

We will try to expose fear, greed, courage, and others to help them reach a conclusion that will make them learn how to overcome their inner challenges.


SGR – It has been mentioned that this game not only has a physical side to it, but also a philosophical approach as well. What parts of the human consciousness do you think your game will touch on? How do you think players will feel within themselves while playing your game?

16bitnights – Mostly the fight with the animal instinct, personality traits, and as many emotions as possible. I want them to reconsider the whole concept of rewards in a game. as a simple remark all upgrades in the game are totally free, but they take time. Time in which the beast gets closer!

We want to reward player for courage, but give penalty for greed with the philosophical puzzles

download (3)


SGR – The minotaur that chases the player is invincible until the player is strong enough to face it, but until that moment will have to run from it. How will combat be for the player when they reach that point? Will the different equipment and character upgrades play a role in surviving during combat?

16bitnights – We want to be fresh with each stage of the game and the ending, we want a big twist and some nice mechanics. I cannot give spoilers, but to answer your question. Yes, the fight will be harder or easier according to player avatar evolution and how they played the game

A short version of Tauronos is available for FREE on Gamejolt at this link as well as on at this link! 16bitnights is currently in the process of getting Greenlighted on Steam, please be sure to cast your vote here!

Stay tuned for Super Game Reviews’ “Indie Game Spotlight” on Tauronos upon release!


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