Salty Goal Productions and their break into the Horror genre with Hegis’ Grasp!

18280829_1409310582468812_793546332_n.pngJumping back to the roots of survival horror, Hegis’ Grasp, is breaking from the typical nonsense jump-scares and cliche creepy singing girls. Offering a horror-filled adventure, this game will focus on creating an atmosphere for the player to delve into. Welcome to the brutality that is the cursed village, Hegis and the mystery that surrounds it. Will Henry Wood, a news writer, be able to uncover the secrets in the changes that have occurred in a once peaceful town? Better yet, will he be able to make it out alive? Today we sit down with Sepehr Mani, the main force behind Salty Goal Productions,  to find out more about this upcoming Survival-Horror game!

SGR – With many Horror games relying on jump scares and other mainstream tactics to terrify the player, what elements will Hegis’ Grasp utilize to stay in the competition?

Sepehr –  I really wanted to avoid cliches used in many of today’s indie horror games and approach the term “Survival-Horror” completely differently. With the heavy focus on the campaign story and backstory, option to choose the camera angle (first person & third person), which completely changes the way you experience the game, strong characteristics, solid game mechanics, a wide range of weapons and different kind of enemies with different abilities and the attempt to bring perfect balance between horror, action, and atmosphere, we’re making sure to bring a truly unique experience.


SGR – Can you give us a little bit of the back story behind your game? What features of the story will draw the players attention?

Sepehr – The game takes place in the year 1896 in Britain. The protagonist, an experienced writer called Henry Wood, was given the duty to examine a previously normal but then suddenly lost village called ‘Hegis’. He didn’t go alone, of course. The local general Samuel Miller and the coach boy Jacob accompanied him on this journey. As mentioned, there are exciting backstories involved about the events that lead to Hegis’ current situation, which will be revealed slowly throughout the game.


SGR – What type of gameplay can we expect to see within Hegis’ Grasp? How will this complement the overall Survival-Horror atmosphere you are trying to capture?

Sepehr – The gameplay relies a lot on exploring this giant creepy village and it’s surroundings. The world is unlocked chapter by chapter as you advance in the breathtaking story. There is a wide range of weapons, including different kinds of firearms of that particular time, and also many melee weapons utilized by the natives of Hegis. Although I highly suggest you avoid confronting them– that’s why stealth and crouching is an inherent part of the game.


SGR- With a strong focus on the ambiance of the story, just how brutal can we expect the gameplay to get? How difficult will surviving the oncoming horror be?

SepehrYou can definitely expect some memorable and serious brutality and gore. The majority of the enemies are really terrifying! There are a bunch of epic boss battles with unique tactics and in-depth backstories. Ammunition is a rare item in order to make the player really feel the danger of surviving amongst creatures and people who intend nothing but to kill you. Most of the time, you’ll have to fight your way through with weak breakable weapons or do it the smart way: stealth.


SGR – Capitalizing on a day/night and weather cycle, how will this set the tone for your game? What other aspects of your game will provide a captivating experience?

Sepehr – The game is filled with great looking story-oriented cutscenes and voice acted encounters, that is really something that’ll keep you amused! And as you mentioned, the game contains real time Day and Night Cycle and weather. That was a really big and vital feature. See…the atmosphere on a foggy day is wholly different than the one in a blizzard at night or let’s say…mild raindrops in the afternoon. Also, an important addition to that is the diverse wildlife in Hegis. There are quite a lot of animals, some may not seem hostile, but don’t be fooled by their appearance!

Hegis’ Grasp is being published by Global Hive Studio, you can learn more about them at this link!


Hegis‘ Grasp is currently running a Greenlight Campaign, be sure to check it out and vote yes here! Stay tuned for further updates regarding Hegis‘ Grasp along with an Indie Game Spotlight when it releases.

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