Kill or be killed with this new arena based shooter from PIGDOG GAMES!

LOGO_MISFITS.pngToday we sit down with Gerald Ligot, Creative Director of The Misfits! This third-person arena shooter places emphasis on teamwork by cutting out the fancy exo-suits and zero gravity and bringing us back to our roots. Relying on advantages from cover as well as various weapon pick-ups and more, The Misfits is going to feature several game modes as well as 8 unique maps. Utilizing cell shading similar to a comic book and a “dog eat dog world” this arena based Player vs. Player (PvP) shooter is going to take the teamwork and communication to new realms!


SGR – With a market becoming heavily saturated with first/third person shooters, what is going to make The Misfits stand out among the crowd? What elements of this title are going to draw your targeted audience?

Ligot –  I agree the market is going towards a similar RPG style class systems with mechs, exo-suits and such. We are trying to re-imagine the traditional arena shooters of the past and focus on heavy team oriented game modes and a minimal class system which is something lost in today’s market. We would love to make a co-op campaign and add survival modes in the future as well. Players that enjoyed those traditional arena shooters are going to love what we are doing.

SGR – Featuring several different weapon pickups, game modes as well as 8 different maps at launch time, The Misfits is holding nothing back it seems. What various weaponry and map scenery can players expect to see within this title?

Ligot – We are a small studio of 5 trying to make a very big game and a studio from scratch. We can’t afford to hold anything back. We want to succeed as a studio and we are hoping The Misfits will be the start of many titles for us. We have more environments and weapons planned for this game which we hope to add as downloadable content in the future. It’s difficult when we have such a skeleton crew. So far we are getting some great feedback from our community on the direction we are taking.


SGR – How are the different themed arena maps going to be structured to help promote multiple routes and encourage players to explore all the various areas? Will there be any defining elements to the maps?

Ligot –  Our level design is unique per each map with multiple critical paths, secondary and tertiary paths. We are also planning on additional player mechanics that will allow the players to quickly navigate through windows, climb, ramp jump and slide under objects quickly. We are also planning to have environmental interaction in the future.

SGR – The Misfits will offer several different game modes such as Contract Killer, Gang War, Cash Grab and more! How will these various game modes keep players interested and killing?


Ligot –  Our goal with the game modes was to have a variety team-oriented modes with a few traditional game modes like Team DeathM. This way players can quickly transition from whatever game they are playing currently. We are focusing on multi-team objective game modes as well to keep our players excited and coming back for more. In addition, we ask our players during our weekly play test sessions for feedback. This helps to ensure a fun game and it also helps us engage with our community.



SGR – Offering 3 different classes (Heavy, Mid and Light) and game mechanics ranging from cover base shooting to destructive environments, just how chaotic can players expect The Misfits to become? How much of a difference with the Day/Night cycle make?

Ligot – This chaos is real! Just playing our alpha with the mechanics we currently have, combined with our 10v10 or 5v5v5v5 game modes makes for very chaotic matches. We also have objective modes that focus that chaos to specific locations and encourage team play and strategy to win matches.
The Day/Night cycle only adds to the ambiance in real-time. You may play better when you can see all the environment in the daytime, but how will you fair at night?



SGR – Do you have any future plans for DLC or updates with The Misfits? Can we expect to see any new exciting developments from PIGDOG GAMES somewhere down the line?

Ligot – Yes, we will be releasing downloadable content packs in the future. These different Packs will contain skins, new characters and more! We have other projects in different genres we’d like to publish, not just shooters.

The Misfits is due for early access in July, stay tuned for Super Games Reviews’ “Indie Game Spotlight” on it when it does! To stay up to date with developments on this title be sure to check the following links:


Below is a Developer update on The Misfits!


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