PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for June 2017

June’s Xbox Games with Gold lineup has been revealed. The lineup includes 4 games in total, 2 titles for the Xbox One and 2 that are available on Xbox 360. As usual, Xbox One owners will have access to all 4 titles due to backward compatibility. Two of the titles are timed releases, not becoming available for download until the 16th of June. Here are the titles Xbox Live Gold subscribers can look forward to this month!


Xbox One Games:



This competitive multiplayer pits players against each other in races on a side-scrolling layout. Competing against up to 4 players, races are completed by using various techniques, the momentum of the race and more! See if you have what it takes for victory in this game developed by DoubleDutch Games, available for download the entire month!



Watch Dogs

This third-person perspective action-adventure places the player in Chicago, offering a free roam in between missions. Following a hacker’s efforts to seek revenge, the player finds themselves in the shoes of Aiden Pearce who can gain access to “ctOS” (the centralized operating system that manages the network connecting the city together). Allowing for up 8 players to face off within the Multiplayer additional to the Single Player campaign. this title from Ubisoft Montreal will be available 06/16 – 07/15!



Xbox 360 Games:


Assassin’s Creed III

Another title free from Ubisoft Montreal this month is an action-adventure game that pits Templars against Assassins. Following real world events in a fictional setting, the player assumes the role of Desmond Miles once more and takes on the open world environments of the American Revolution era! Will Miles’ relative, Ratonhnhake, be able to gain control or will it be too late? Find out for yourself 06/01 – 06/15!



Dragon Age: Origins

This Role-Playing Game (RPG) shows the story of the Grey Wardens versus a demonic force known as Darkspawn. Players choose from classes ranging from warriors, rogues, dwarves and more, playing in either a third-person perspective with a top-down option. This dark fantasy from BioWare will be available 06/16 – 07/15!





Phantom Dust Multiplayer Content Pack

This is a Multiplayer Content Pack for the action/strategy game, Phantom Dust. This DLC will include. This DLC will be available the entire month of June!



PlayStation Plus subscribers have a lineup of games releasing as well. This includes games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Three of the titles are timed releases, not becoming available for download until the later half of June. Here are the titles PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to this month!

PlayStation 4:


Killing Floor 2

This gory first-person shooter from Tripwire Interactive that takes place a month after the first installment of the series. Offering the option of playing alone or with up to 6 friends cooperatively, Killing Floor 2 pushes wave after wave of Zeds (creatures that closely resemble zombies) increasing the amount and difficulty with each completed round. This title will be available the first half of the month of June!



Life is Strange

Life is Strange features a graphic adventure played through episodic scenes. Showing an ability to rewind time the main protagonist, Max Caulfield is controlled by the player’s actions which lead to the butterfly effect. This title from Dontnod Entertainment will be available the 2nd half of the month of June!




PlayStation 3:


Abyss Odyssey

Combining platform gameplay with action-adventure, Abyss Odyssey combines elements from many different fighting games with the option to essentially create their own custom combos! Featuring game levels that are procedurally generated, this title from ACE Team will provide a fresh experience with each play! Abyss Odyssey will be available for download the first half of June!




 WRC 5: World Rally Championship

This racing title from Kylotonn is based on the season of the 2015 World Rally Championship. Featuring cars and rallies from the 2015 World Rally Championship season, this title will have 400 km of stages as well as support categories. You can expect to hit the gas for free while it’s available for download the first half of June!



PlayStation Vita:


 Neon Chrome (Available on the PS4 via cross-buy)

This top-down shooter developed by 10tons Ltd, features rouge-like elements and takes place in a cyberpunk sci-fi setting. Offering different gun and cybernetic abilities to choose from, how player approach each game level is ultimately up to them. See which path to take to defeat the Overseer, available for download during the first half of June!



Spy Chameleon  (Available on the PS4 via cross-buy)

This title from Unfinished Pixel is an arcade-puzzle game where the player avoids detection by changing the chameleon’s colors and camouflage to its surroundings. Offering 75 levels within 5 missions, various enemies and more, this title will be available for download the 2nd half of June!




That concludes the lineup of free games for console owners for the month of June. While some of the games are lesser known, they are definitely worth trying out. Best of all, they’re free (as long as you are subscribed to the respective service)! Be sure to tune in next month for our July 2017 line-up!

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