Early Access Review

Exploring Creede with NexGen Gaming!

Today we sit down with Kody Stone of NexGen Gaming to discuss his latest indie title, Creede! Pushing the boundaries of exploration while encouraging in-depth investigation, Creede will offer more than what meets the eyes. Racing against the impending doom of an eruption from a volcano, the player will be tasked with various missions that ultimately impact the ending. Armed with a trusty bird named Clinton, the player will be able to take a flight to the skies and provide focal points and different perspectives to the game entirely. Stone has also noted a more survival approach to the game experience, with the player relying on resources and other elements to maintain their health and much more!

Below is my live interview with Stone featuring Alpha gameplay of Creede!



*Here is a brief transcript of our interview provided by Elizabeth Christy! 

SGR – What is the story in Creede?

Stone – A story about a park ranger in Creede Colorado (Calvin Hetch). A volcano is erupting and as a park ranger you are tasked with evacuating the town


SGR – What do you think will be one of the more interesting concepts in the game?

Stone – Inventory for your bird, you will also be able to fly as the bird and customize the bird with costumes, The biggest feedback we have gotten has been about the bird and its aesthetics. We at NexGen Gaming Studios look for input from our fans to give them a game they are excited about. Our studio creates games for gamers by gamers.




SGR – What were the founding factors of the game and concept?

Stone – Well it started out as a blueprint for grass and landscapes. So, it started out as a way to test both of these things and not a game. I decided to show it to a few people and one of the first responses I got was that it looked like the Rocky Mountains. From there I just ran with it and used pictures from the Rocky Mountains to further develop the town, as well as creating a game that felt very life like.


SGR – Will Creede have any other features?

Stone – As Calvin, the player will be able to build a house to be used a save point! With the ability to change the material it’s made of. You will also be able to switch between 1st and 3rd person with various clothing items available to Calvin and Clinton.we are also working on a survival feature, this will include a day and night cycle at night you will be required to rest by a fire if you don’t and travel through the night you will be become fatigued and move slower. Another survival aspect will be hunger that you will need to manage in order to survive or you will die.




SGR – How did Calvin Meet Clinton?

Stone – They have been together ever since Calvin joined the military Throughout their travels and time together they have become best friends and will always be together!


SGR – What kind of missions can we expect to see in Creede?

Stone – A global mission where you are looking for people to make sure everyone has been evacuated. Like people who do not want to leave at all and tourists who are unaware that the town has been evacuated. The different kinds of people will change the character interaction. Some missions will involve animals as well, this mission will be able to be completed as Calvin or Clinton depending on the skills each mission requires.




SGR – If we can expect character interactions can we expect negative character interactions as well?

Stone – Yes, some interactions will affect whether or not people will leave with the volcano eruption being a part of the game it creates a time limit. Being that you are a park ranger you have a job to do, and that is getting people to evacuate their homes, some won’t want to go even with immediate danger!


SGR – Will we get more of Calvin’s Story?

Stone – Yes, you will learn about Calvin Hatchs’ story through journals and other entries found around the world and through his interactions with the locals! You will also learn more about Clinton and his back story as he is a unique character.




SGR – As The volcano begins to erupt will the atmosphere of the game change?

Stone – Yeah, as the time goes on towards the end of the game the clouds will clear and the sky will darken. The volcano will become more noticeable with smoke, fiery rocks, and ash falling from the sky.

Stay tuned for further updates on Creede as they develop from Super Game Reviews!

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