A look behind the Kickstarter – Maresa

This story driven first=person based title takes survival elements and mixes them with a mysterious island where a serial killer is on the loose! Maresa will not only allow players to experience this mysterious atmosphere with true survival aspects (such as hunting and gathering herbs) but will also off immersive values as you track down the manic that is killing everyone. Following clues, while solving various task will surely lead you to your objective, but will you be able to stay alive long enough to complete it?

Maresa runs ripe with stories and tasks of mystery as the player fills the position of a secret agent tasked with catching a convicted serial killer. This game was developed using the Unreal Engine as a school project between Gary Lude (Creator), Henrik Bahr (Graphic Designer) and Fabin (Story Writer) but with a drive and passion this project took off.


The team behind Maresa have some unique plans and visions. To see the extent of what they would like to do, please be sure to visit their Kickstarter page down below!

Here is the Kickstarter page if you would like to pledge!

Here is the Indiedb for Maresa!

Please stay tuned for future updates as they develop from Super Game Reviews!

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