PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for July 2017


Grow Up

Acting as a sequel to Grow Home (2015), Grow Up not only offers an assortment of puzzles but does so in an open world adventure! Resuming the role of a robot named B.U.D., the player roams the various levels in search of B.U.D’s ship (M.O.M.) after crash landing. Offering a range of refreshing game mechanics and adventure, this title from Ubisoft Refliections will be available July 1st – 31st!



Watch Dogs

This third-person perspective action-adventure places the player in Chicago, offering a free roam in between missions. Following a hacker’s efforts to seek revenge, the player finds themselves in the shoes of Aiden Pearce who can gain access to “ctOS” (the centralized operating system that manages the network connecting the city together). Watch Dogs also allows for up 8 players to face off within the multiplayer mode, in addition to the Single Player campaign. this title from Ubisoft Montreal will be available June 16th – July 15th!


Runbow offers intense head-to-head racing in a platform environment. This multiplayer title pits players in a race to the end of each level while offering game mechanics such as: double jumps, basic attacks against enemies and a color changing backgrounds that unlock different obstacles and more! With time trials and “Master the Bowhemoth”, this title will fuel your need for speed July 16th – 15th!



Xbox 360 Games


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

This third-person shooter from IO Interactive adds a new perspective to the series by offering a new visual style compared to the first one.  Resuming the role of Lynch, the player is involved in a smuggling operation that is ambushed within Shanghai. Utilizing cover to regenerate health, different combinations of guns and even offering a co-op/multiplayer experience, XBL members will be able to download this game July 1st – 15th!



Lego Pirates of the Caribbeans

Traveller’s Tales bring us yet again another great adventure told in Lego format. Covering the first 4 films within its story, this title offers many different elements from the previous Lego titles within an action adventure environment. Utilizing a co-op experience or even a single player one, the player(s) can swap between characters to use their special abilities to gain access throughout the various levels. Players can get to building July 16th – 31st



PlayStation Plus subscribers have a lineup of games releasing as well. This includes games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Three of the titles are timed releases, not becoming available for download until the later half of July. Here are the titles PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to this month!


PlayStation 4


Until Dawn


Supermassive Games brings us this interactive video game that implements Survival Horror with a choice based mechanic that allows for multiple playthroughs. Showing a hard focus on visuals, choices that balance moral dilemmas and exploration, Until Dawn’s gameplay experience can differ between having all 8 characters live or die. See where your choices will lead you the first half of July!



Telltale’s Game of Thrones series


In this Telltale’s Games take on the T.V. series Game of Thrones, the player experiences 6 episodes delving into its lore and environments. The choices and decisions players make within this title will affect later parts of the arc,  allowing minimal exploration/interactions in some scenes while offering action sequences in the format of a Q.T.E. (Quick Time Event). Play from the perspectives of 5 different characters and see where your choices will lead the during the later half of July!




PlayStation 3


Tokyo Jungle


Crispy’s SCE Japan Studio brings us this survival action game that takes place in a deserted and futuristic Tokyo in which you learn about humankind’s disappearance through various animals. Offering not only a Story mode but also a Survival mode (with local multiplayer) in which players take control of animals such as lions, hyenas, deer and more and survive as long as they possibly can. with 50 breeds and 80 types of animals, players can test their skills the first half of July!



Darkstalkers Resurrection 


This 2D fighter from Iron Galaxy Studio is a compilation of Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 that will feature a local and online multiplayer. This title will also introduce region matchmaking, multiple viewing options, 8-player lobbies and much more! See how fast you can climb the ranks with this title the later half of July!



PlayStation Vita:


 Don’t Die, Mr Robot (Available on the PS4 via cross-buy)

This mobile action title from Infinite State Games has the players dodging killer droids while collecting Fruit-em-ups and more. With 4 different game modes, 50 remix missions and even guest, this title will have players fighting to win with 8 various Fruit power-ups! Players can customize their robot and taste the action the first half of July!




  Element 41 (Available on the PS4 via cross-buy)
This puzzle based platformer has players change between 4 elemental states (Air, Ice, Stone & Fire) in 4 different sections of levels (Heart, Mind, Willpower & Imagination). Different elements will offer different game mechanics and allow for various puzzles to be solved. This title from I-Illusions will be available the later half of July! 



That concludes the lineup of free games for console owners for the month of July. While some of the games are lesser known, they are definitely worth trying out. Best of all, they’re free (as long as you are subscribed to the respective service)! Be sure to tune in next month for our August 2017 line-up!

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