Lenny Simmons

A computer technician by day, and a gamer pretty much all of the time in between, Lenny Simmons has been gaming since he can remember. Low resolution memories of games13697254_1075665762501124_1546135471495862704_n like Pokemon Red Version, Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday, and Doom have shaped him to become the gamer that he is today. Who, despite regularly gaming in 1080p and above, can still appreciate the games of the past. Shying away from games that he considers to have been made repeatedly, his preferences include: survival horror, puzzle games, dungeon crawlers, strategy games, and good ol’ rpgs.

Apart from his job and gaming, Lenny likes to watch documentaries, spend time with the lady, and even enjoys cooking. After years of repressing an urge to tell the world of his opinions regarding video games, he has finally gotten the opportunity to do so. And that opportunity will no go wasted.