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What’s The Best Black Friday Gaming Chair Deal 2020?

You will agree with me that gaming paraphernalia rarely have discounts every other holiday. But Black Friday has never disappointed when it comes to gaming hardware and peripherals deals and discounts.

If you want to upgrade any component of your gaming PC, for example, a processor or graphics card, this is the time you can snap the best deals. Gaming stuff are also in plenty; whether you want the latest gaming headphones or PC gaming chairs that are increasingly becoming popular.

All The 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gaming Chair Deals

Our editors are busy hunting for the latest gaming chairs deals and discounts, and we will be listing all of them here.

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    Black Friday Homall deals

    Black Friday GTRACING deals

    Black Friday Arozzi deals

    Black Friday AkRacing deals

    Black Friday Console Gaming Chairs deals

    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is an annual sale event that marks the beginning of the festive shopping season. It is the biggest sale of the year and attracts both the local stores and online shopping industry.

    There are so many explanations that try to point out to the origin of the name ‘Black Friday.’ Perhaps the one that seems genuine is the fact that the sale event is normally held on the day after Thanksgiving which is a Friday and many people are always on the streets and shops looking for gifts.

    Now, the day was termed as ‘Black’ because of the accidents that often occurred on that day because of the crowds of people and heavy traffic. Indeed, we have seen many accidents during Black Friday.
    Over the years, the entire world has paid tribute to Black Friday, and today, its mention only elicits thoughts of very low prices, crazy discounts, and flash sales.

    Black Friday means a lot to consumers and retailers. For consumers like gamers, it’s time to snap the best deals on all merchandise. On the other hand, sellers take the opportunity to offload the dead stock in readiness for new stock to last them through the Christmas shopping season. This explains why Black Friday prices are incredibly low compared to the summer sale events like Independence Day.

    This year, Black Friday is slated for 23rd November while CyberMonday is scheduled for 26th November. For gamers, and tech shoppers in general, you can take advantage of the Black Friday deals and if you miss out on some stuff, wait for Cyber Monday deals.

    Why Wait For Black Friday?

    Many gamers can’t afford the patience of waiting for their favorite video game or gaming chair for weeks when they have the money ready.

    We understand how eager you want to get your purchase, but we recommend that you wait for Black Friday. It’s less than a month to the sale so if you want a gaming chair, try to be patient, and you could save some good amount for a cheap gaming desk or even a pair of headphones.

    Gaming chair deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday range between 10% to 60%.

    However, don’t just sit there and wait. Make sure you have a clear priority of the kind of gaming chair you want and also, scout for some of the deals that will be featured.

    On this website, we will be updating all the 2020 Black Friday gaming chair deals so make sure to bookmark us.

    Throwback: 2018 Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals

    Black Friday  dealsLast year’s Black Friday was quite a successful one. There was a range of deals for gamers; from the high-end PC components like processors and graphics cards to cheap gaming chairs and video games.

    FIFA 18 is among the video games that sold most while Nintendo Switch was the favorite console. Gaming configuration components were not so enticing as the Bitcoin craze has inflated the prices.

    If you were looking for a gaming chair, there were plenty of deals. In case you doubt it, here are some of the best gaming chair deals that featured in the 2018 Black Friday sale.
    • 1. Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair for $66 from $120 which is almost a 50% discount
    • 2. Vertagear PL6000 went for $299 down from $600 representing a 50% discount
    • 3. AKRacing Prime sold for $154 only when the retail price on normal days was $200 that is a $25% discount
    • 4. NobleChairs EPIC Series had over 50% discount selling at $269 down from $550
    • 5. Arozzi Monza had a $105 price tag when the normal retail price is $180; that’s over 50% discount

    Gaming Chair Buying Guide

    The 2020 Black Friday gaming deals are really exciting, especially the huge discounts on gaming chairs. But let not the prices alone guide you when buying your next gaming chair.

    Make sure to select the best gaming chair that fits all your needs.

    If you are not sure how to go about it, we strongly recommend that you read our guide. It will help you choose the best gaming chair this Black Friday.

    Why Buy a Gaming Chair?

    Many people believe that the console, gaming monitor, headphones, and the other accessories are the only important tools of the trade of the avid gamer. Well, a gaming chair, and also a desk have become integral parts of the gaming enthusiast’s workstation. However, many people still don’t find them worthy investments, but the benefits of gaming chairs are plenty.

    The primary reason you want to buy a gaming chair is for your health. Research shows that bad sitting posture is a leading cause of trunk and back pains. This problem affects mostly those who work for long hours in offices and on computers. Now, considering an average gamer sits down for 6 – 8 hours a day, it’s really necessary to adopt sound sitting postures, and that’s what gaming chairs do.

    Some people have also been asking, will a gaming chair improve your gaming? Well, the truth of the matter is that a gaming chair won’t make you a better soldier in Call Of Duty Black Ops or a better attacker in FIFA 18. However, it can give you the comfort you require to be fully immersed in your game and to improve concentration.

    Factors To Consider When Selecting a Gaming Chair

    Even though you are in a hurry to snap the best deals as fast as possible, it’s imperative that you buy a suitable gaming chair.

    So, what makes a good gaming chair and how do you select one? Here are the most important considerations that should guide you when buying a gaming chair.

    1. What is your budget?

    Unlike the traditional office chairs, gaming chairs have very wide price ranges. You can get a cheap gaming chair with less than $50 while some high-end models like Emperor 200 cost well over $40,000.

    Well, the regular gamer doesn’t need the Emperor; it’s way too exuberant. Maybe the cap would be around $1000 which can get you the finest PC gaming chair in the market.

    While price is an important consideration, the conversation should also include the price to quality ratio. Gaming chairs industry is one market where the mantra of you get what you pay for applies.

    Some of the cheap models we see around are enough proof that cheap is expensive. So, what budget should you set for your gaming chair?

    Well, with anything in the region of $100, you should be able to get a basic gaming chair from these middle-tier brands; the likes of Homall, Kinsal, Merax and the rest.

    Stepping up to the $200 price tag, you can be sure of getting some popular brands like entry-level DXRacer, Arozzi, Vertagear, and Secretlab among others.

    Most of the chairs in the $100 – $200 budget are for lightweight to middleweight gamers (150 lbs. – 200 lbs. And 5’4 – 6’1). For the big guys, you will get a good chair from $250 upwards.

    Avoid these cheap chairs that start squeaking after several weeks of use.

    Top brands like DXRacer, Vertagear, Secretlab, and Herman Miller have models that dominate the $500 mark and beyond.
    For those looking for real racing realism, we have models like PlaySeat F1 Racing and Acer Predator Thronos.

    2. What type of gaming chair do you want?

    There are two main types of gaming chairs.

    • The first is PC gaming chairs which are a blend of the traditional office chair design and the aesthetics of racing car seats.
    • The other type is console gaming chairs which are designed with speakers and are compatible with consoles (PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo, e.t.c.).
    • We also have the lesser known models like bean bags, while kneeling chairs have also attracted some gamers.

    PC gaming chairs vs. console gaming chairs

    PC gaming chairs vs. console gaming chairs
    If you look at the market, you realize that PC gaming chairs are the most popular.

    Well, console gaming chairs are really fancy, and the fact that they have speakers is cool.

    However, most gamers prefer PC gaming chairs because they are more comfortable. They aim at correcting our sitting posture and not just cushioning our body; that’s what the likes of XRocker offer.
    Another thing, PC gaming chairs are versatile as you can also use them as study chairs. Also, the fact that we have gaming headphones and gaming speakers make the console gaming speakers worthless as their performance is often poor.

    3. Ergonomics and comfort

    Perhaps the most important consideration when buying gaming chairs is the ergonomics and comfort. Well, the only reason you are buying a gaming chair is that you want comfort.

    So, what are the critical things you should know here?

    When it comes to ergonomics:

    • Make sure to get a sturdy and robust gaming chair with a solid base and large casters.
    • The center pole should also be strong enough to support the entire chair as well as the player’s weight.
    • A Class 4 gas lift system is the most desirable as it ensures effortless height adjustment.
    • Also, look out for recline functions and if possible, get one that can adjust to 180° although many have a 120° – 135°.

    Regarding comfort:

    • The seat and back should be spacious to support the lower body and back fully.
    • Padding is necessary as well as extras like lumbar cushions, adjustable headrests, head pillows and so on.
    • Lastly, the armrests should at least have 3D adjustments, but the 4D adjustments are the best.

    4. What’s the best gaming chair material?

    Another important issue you should address when selecting a gaming chair is the upholstery material. Gaming chairs may come in leather, fabric or mesh. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.

    Upholstery material – PU leather vs PVC vs Fabric

    Make sure you understand what each one offers and most importantly, how they look.

    Leather is the most common gaming chair upholstery that is used in both PC gaming chairs as well as the console chairs. One thing you need to note is that there are hardly any real leather gaming chairs in the market. Brands use either PU leather or PVC leather. The advantage of these two leather-style materials is that they are cheaper and resemble genuine leather.

    PVC leather is easy to customize and is available in many colors. Leather chairs are easy to clean and don’t harbor allergens like fabric and mesh. On the downside, leather is not durable, especially if you have pets.

    Fabric is another material that is increasingly becoming popular. One of the biggest advantage soft fabric gaming chairs is their comfort and warmth, unlike the cold-to-touch leather. Fabric chairs are also highly customizable, and at least, they can take some abuse more than pleather. The problem with the chairs is that they catch dirt easily and are hard to clean, unlike leather that requires a simple wipe. Fabric also harbors dust mite which will always trigger sneezing if you have allergies.

    Lastly, we have mesh which is common in many cheap office chairs. Mesh has been combined with fabric and also used as the sole upholstery material. The advantage of mesh is that it allows air circulation courtesy of the small perforations. For those who sweat a lot during those intense gaming sessions, this is what suits you. Mesh is also tougher and lasts longer than leather and fabric. The only problem is maintenance just like fabric.

    5. What’s your height and weight?

    Black Friday has very enticing prices that many shoppers end up buying what they don’t need just because it’s cheap.
    When buying a gaming chair, make sure that you get the right size. Nothing can be worse than when you order a chair you can hardly sit on.

    There are two things you want to check here.

    • First, make sure that the gaming chair supports your weight and possibly, give yourself some 20 – 30 lbs. allowance. That means that is you weight 170 lbs. a chair with a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds is the most ideal.
    • Second, check the recommended height and make sure that you will be comfortable with it. Don’t pick a small chair that will leave your back and armrests unsupported.


    Are office chairs good for gaming?

    A PC gaming chair looks exactly like office gaming chairs and offers almost the same comfort, depending on the model. The only thing that office chairs lack is the characteristic racing style design and gaming theme.

    As for the advanced gamer, you need a real gaming chair because they are further optimized to enhance your comfort.

    For example, gaming chairs have 3D and 4D armrests while most office chairs have fixed armrests. The added comfort accessories like neck pillow and adjustable lumbar support and headrest are synonymous with gaming chairs only.

    Do gaming chairs come assembled?

    Yes and no.

    PC gaming chairs require assembly as they are shipped as parts and components. It may not be easy to assemble a PC gaming chair if you are a beginner. But for the jack of all trades, its something that could take 30 minutes to an hour.

    For those who don’t want a gaming chair that doesn’t require assembly, console gaming chairs and bean bags are good options as they come almost 90% assembled.

    What’s the best gaming chair for XBox One and PlayStation?

    A straight answer to this question is console gaming chairs because of the compatibility with XBox, PlayStation, and other consoles.

    xRocker, Proxelle are just among the big guns when it comes to XBox and PlayStation gaming chairs.

    I don’t have a thing for console gaming chairs because of one thing; the sound quality. A serious gamer understands the essence of good sound quality, especially when playing those immersive titles like Fortnite and Call Of Duty. What these console gaming chairs offer can’t be matched with gaming headphones and gaming speakers.

    So from another perspective, you’d rather get a PC gaming chair because it can also double up as a study or office chair.

    What’s the most comfortable gaming chair?

    Many people tend to think that expensive chairs are the most comfortable. Well, one thing that makes gaming chairs expensive is the construction and capacity.

    The more weight the chair supports, the sturdier it’s required to be, and this translates to high production costs and consequently, high retail prices.

    Comfort comes with the combination of ergonomics and padding as well as choosing a chair depending on your size.

    What’s the best gaming chair for posture?

    Well, there are several types of chairs, and one thing that is always consistent about them is that they aim to give players the best comfort.

    However, when it comes to posture, only PC gaming chairs are the best.

    Beanbags, console gaming chairs, and couches will give you comfort, but you will still sit with your back slouched; that’s a bad posture. On the other hand, PC gaming chairs are designed to position the fundamental body parts in the right posture.

    How long do gaming chairs last?

    If you do some research about the durability of gaming chairs, you realize that many customers are complaining that they don’t last more than six months. Well, this is true because these cheap knockoffs do an average of 3 months before the frames start squeaking and the upholstery peels off.

    However, the top of the range models like DXRacer Tank, Vertagear SL6000 and Herman Miller can give you two to three years of service.

    One thing you need to note is that while chairs offer varying durability, there is one denominator; usage. The more you sit on your chair, the more the wear and tear.

    Black Friday Gaming Desks Deals

    Black Friday Gaming Desks DealsMight you be interested in gaming desks? While a good gaming chair is essential for comfortable gameplay and posture, you also need to consider getting a quality desk.

    They help us to align ourselves in the right angle to give us a more comfortable view of the monitor. Some advanced models will also help you manage your workstation. There will also be plenty of Black Friday gaming desks deals to accompany the gaming chairs.

    Some of the gaming desks to watch out for include; DXRacer, Arozzi Arena, Eureka R1, Ficmax, among others.

    Wrapping Up

    There you have it folks, a round-up of all the 2020 Black Friday gaming chair deals.

    Bookmark this page as we will be updating all the latest deals!

    One thing I am sure about this Black Friday is that deals will be spread out the entire month. That’s why our editors are spying on the latest news to find out what your favorite gaming chair will retail at. Cyber Monday is also an event under our radar so don’t miss out!

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