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Wallet Crusaders: The Evil Within

Imagine this:  your mind is not yours anymore. Your thoughts, your dreams, and your desires are all left wide open to see. The Evil Within delves into one man’s brain, whose thoughts and demons roam free to taunt, harm and laugh at the weakness that is your fragile […]

Review | Outlast II

The decay of a corrupt religion and the loss of hope in the eyes of the wicked, bring upon a fear like no other and a cannibalistic nature that makes even the once strongest of men turn ripe with rage and hate.   Reviewed by Arielle Danan   […]

A look behind the Kickstarter – Maresa

This story driven first=person based title takes survival elements and mixes them with a mysterious island where a serial killer is on the loose! Maresa will not only allow players to experience this mysterious atmosphere with true survival aspects (such as hunting and gathering herbs) but will also off immersive […]