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Nioh | Review in progress

This article will be discussing Nioh. It may contain spoilers for some areas of the game. Nioh is the story of William, the first ever “Western Samurai”, taking place in a fictitious version of the civil war within Japan during the early 1600s. Countless Yõkai (demonic spirits) begin to appear […]

Indie Game Spotlight: Aragami

As a huge stealth adventure game fanatic, I’ve been waiting for a new experience. The Hitman games are excellent, but I generally prefer games that take place before the invention of the modern firearm. I’m not saying headshots can’t be extremely satisfying, but nothing is quite as exhilarating […]

Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR  has been announced by Rocksteady games and was announced at E3 and is set to release October 13th as one of the Playstation VR launch titles. According to Best Buy and Gamestop, the game is only going to be $20 so it won’t be too much […]