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A look behind the Kickstarter – Maresa

This story driven first=person based title takes survival elements and mixes them with a mysterious island where a serial killer is on the loose! Maresa will not only allow players to experience this mysterious atmosphere with true survival aspects (such as hunting and gathering herbs) but will also off immersive […]

Exploring Creede with NexGen Gaming!

Today we sit down with Kody Stone of NexGen Gaming to discuss his latest indie title, Creede! Pushing the boundaries of exploration while encouraging in-depth investigation, Creede will offer more than what meets the eyes. Racing against the impending doom of an eruption from a volcano, the player will […]

Exploring the Puzzleverse with Orb!

Today, we sit down with Robert Anderson of Devil’s Peek Games and talk about their game titled Orb. This 2D single-player puzzle encourages Players to push thought and precision to greater heights while being amplified by an electrifying soundtrack.  Offering more than what meets the eye, Orb provides […]