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Exploring Creede with NexGen Gaming!

Today we sit down with Kody Stone of NexGen Gaming to discuss his latest indie title, Creede! Pushing the boundaries of exploration while encouraging in-depth investigation, Creede will offer more than what meets the eyes. Racing against the impending doom of an eruption from a volcano, the player will […]

Exploring the Puzzleverse with Orb!

Today, we sit down with Robert Anderson of Devil’s Peek Games and talk about their game titled Orb. This 2D single-player puzzle encourages Players to push thought and precision to greater heights while being amplified by an electrifying soundtrack.  Offering more than what meets the eye, Orb provides […]

For Honor | Review

This article will be discussing For Honor, it may contain spoilers for some areas of the game. Ubisoft comes swinging out the gate with this Action filled hack & slash title. Featuring 12 different classes based upon the roles of historical soldiers from 3 different factions, For Honor offers a […]