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🥇 15 Best Gaming Chairs under $200 in 2021

15 Best PC Gaming ChairsThe last thing any gamer would wish for is to stand up every few minutes to stretch his back.

This is because the chair is uncomfortable and lacks the needed adjustment to provide him the maximum comfort.

If you have been having a hard time trying to find the right chair, then our review about the best gaming chair under 200$ will help you.

Please note that this is an honest review, and all the claims are thoroughly researched from authentic and reliable sources so you can choose which one is better.
With this in mind, let’s dive right into the review proper.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing


The first time I was about to take the plunge on this product, I was a little bit nervous about the price. The cost of the chair was dead cheap, and yet it promised so many mouth-watering features.
After a series of successful research and testing, I can confidently beat my chest that this is one of the best PC gaming chairs you can get for this price.

The comfort you will get from using this chair is beyond the price. The pillows are soft, and it’s so comfy.
Although, you may notice that it’s quite stiff at first, once your body heat touches the material, it will only get super comfortable.

Design wise, the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is skillfully and carefully crafted with Premium PU leather material that is not too soft and too firm. The design is well balanced, and the cushion is solid and reliable.
This chair is sturdy enough to carry a weight capacity of 300 LBS. Its sitting space measures 19.8″ x 20.5″ to give you the needed support.
Do ensure that the bolts are well-tighten so it doesn’t wobble.

Does the chair offer great support for your body in different positions, even as a tall person?

If you’re a tall person like me, this model will end the nightmare of backaches–thanks to its height-adjustable gas spring pneumatic features. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the chair to glide easily into reclining position.

It also features an easy lock-tilt adjustment that has a reclined angle adjuster to help you adjust the chair and relieve pressure or tired feeling during a long gaming session.

Does the gaming chair come with a backrest that can support your back?

Did I mention that the Chair can even recline far enough for you to sleep?
Sure, it can.
The back of this budget-friendly chair knows exactly what you want. With a Curved high back and an adjustable lumbar cushion, the Devoko gaming chair also offers an Ergonomic headrest to give you extra comfort.

Is the Sit pan deep enough to cover most of your thigh?

Yes, it does. The padding of the seat, as well as the backrest, is pretty awesome. You won’t notice any stiffness or sound when you sit on it.

Unlike other brands that would leave marks on your thigh, this particular gaming chair is different–it is smooth and comfy.

Are the armrests adjustable?

Although you may find the armrest comfortable, they aren’t adjustable, and this happens to be its major downside. Apart from that, everything else about this chair looks perfect and excellent.

  • A Curved high back and headrest
  • It offers a freely adjustable lumbar support
  • Mute rolling wheels for quiet movement on the floor
  • Super comfortable with adjustable lock tilts to relieve stress
  • 30 free replacement warranties in case of any defective parts
  • The design is durable and well-built
  • The armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Might come with some odor
Your search for the best budget gaming chair will definitely come to an end if you decide to go for this brand.

The fact that it comes with great comfort and support coupled with an incredible price tag makes it a must buy.

We highly recommend this for all gamers who want a gaming chair that will allow them to play their games for long hours without the feeling of discomfort or tiredness.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

The hardest part about this brand is finding its drawbacks. After exhaustive research, I couldn’t see any reason why this chair shouldn’t be on our list.

The elegant style, comfort, and competitive price points are forces to reckon with.

It’s built with the utmost perfection in mind. To say the chair is just comfortable is an understatement. The seat isn’t too squishy, and the headrest is designed to hold your head comfortably.

The fabric is comfortable and helps to eliminate the feeling of fatigue or stress. You can conveniently use this chair for longer gaming sessions without feeling tired.

Does it offer a durable design?

The design is durable and sturdy. It offers an ergonomic chair features and contoured segmented padding.
It offers a 250-pound weight capacity and comes with 45.25 inches high and 30.375 wide.

Does the chair offer great support for your body in different positions?

The seat height adjustment and tilt-lock tension give your legs and back the adequate support it needs. It also comes with a spring mechanism that lets it lean back to adjust to your body positioning.

Is the chair tall enough?
Even as a tall guy that is about 6.4 ft tall, this chair is super comfy.
Unlike the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair, that failed to feature an adjustable handrest, the Essential out-think its competitor by offering an adjustable armrest that you can flip up and down to support your sitting position.
As if that isn’t enough, the armrests also come with cushioning that is soft and comfortable.

  • Cheaper than the Devoko
  • Easy to assemble
  • The Instruction is easy to understand
  • Offers one of the best support
  • Rolling around floors is smooth, and quiet
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • It could easily get scratched
This is a solid buy for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly model with the best performance. The chair is super comfortable and setting it up together is a breeze.
If you’re a tall person who is on a budget and weighs around 150-250 lbs, this might be the best gaming chair under $200 you have been looking for.

Merax Gaming Chair – Editor’s Choice

Merax Gaming Chair

The Merax Gaming Chair stood out as our editor’s choice because it offers you what most 400 dollar models could not provide.
This chair comes with the same comfort you will get from high-end brands like DX Racer. It is comfortable, and it is covered with cushioned leather throughout the seat.

Does it offer a durable design?

The design is sturdy and solid. This chair is about 48 inches tall at its highest and 27 inches wide at its widest. It is made up of heavy-duty plastics throughout and has metal parts that hold the bracket of the chair to the bottom.

The chair holds the record to load up to 250 lbs. weight, and it’s built to fit in your natural shape for complete comfort. The overall stitching of this gaming chair is superb. It came as if it was made to last you forever.

Does the chair offer excellent support for your body in different positions?

One of the best things about this chair is its reclining ability. It reclines back about a 160-degree, which I think is perfect to even take a nap on it.

Here’s the best part:
The Merax Gaming Chair is the only PC gaming chair on our list that features a rocking motion to rock it back and forth.

Is the chair tall enough?
The chair can only go up to 46 and 48 inches tall. Well, that is not a ton of height adjustment that might work for everyone’s desk height.
But I still think it is better than most chairs that don’t feature any height adjustment.

Does the gaming chair come with a backrest that can support your back?

The backrest is well-cushioned and lets you sit comfortably for hours, without the feeling of back hurting. The Headrest pillow is a spot on. The pillow is super comfy, and the lumber support gives you extra comfort even as a tall person.

Great! But does it feature adjustable armrests?

The armrests come in a decent size, and the height is adjustable compared to other brands. It also comes with a padded cushion to give you the needed support and comfort to game for straight hours without experiencing any fatigue.

Is it easy to setup?

Setting the chair up is a piece of cake. It comes with every single piece of tools to make sure the installation process is stress-free.

  • Great for relaxation and for long gaming session
  • Adjustable height and seat is a big plus
  • Very comfortable and easy assembly
  • The recline feature is stupendous
  • The stitching of the leather is well-connected to last long
  • Very stable and won’t break anytime soon
  • The arm pad is quite small
  • It would have been better if the Armrests could be wider
If you want to save a lot of money and still get the best quality you would have from a top dollar gaming chair, then this is the right choice for you.
The Merax Gaming Chair is the best chair you can get for this price if you should consider the quality and the size of the chair.

HULLR Gaming Racing Computer Office Chair


If you think the above gaming chairs have all the features you are looking for, then wait until you see the HULLR Gaming Racing Computer Office Chair.

While the above brands appear to be a little bit cheaper than this chair, the HULLR Gaming Racing stood out from others due to its gorgeous features that will make you overlook its price.

Even at that, the price of this chair still falls below $200.

Initially, I thought it was a gamble offering such a decent price, but I was pleasantly surprised after a thorough review.

First off, while I thought the Merax Gaming Chair impressed me with its ability to recline the back of the chair up to 160-degree, the HULLR exceeded my expectation by offering a butterfly mechanism. This means that you can lock it at any angle up to 90-180 degree.

As if that isn’t enough, when I thought that the Essentials Racing Style and Merax Gaming Chair deserve high praise for giving me the freedom to adjust the armrests by lifting it up and down, the Huller seems to move a step further by allowing you to adjust the armrests to any direction of your choice.

The biggest punch by far is that it can load up a weight capacity of 330 Pound compared to its competitors that can hold a weight capacity of 200-300 lbs.

It comes with structural pieces that sport a metal desig instead of the usual plastic you get from other brands.
Its removable Lumbar Cushion and Headrest Pillow give you the maximum comfort for gaming or even study for more extended hours.

The best part is that the chair has already been pre-assembled, so setting it up is a total joy. The seat offers a good amount of padding, and the stitching is very well done.

One of the things that let this chair down is the inability to rock back and forth like the Merax Gaming Chair.
Another drawback is that the seat area isn’t wide enough which might curve up your thighs. Other than that, this chair is one of the best you can get for this price.

  • Easy to assemble
  • So comfortable to sit for long hours
  • The reclining mechanism is comfortable to lay your back on it
  • Back and neck pillows are impressive additions
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to 330 lbs weight
  • The armrests are awesome
  • It cannot go back and forth
  • The seat isn’t wide compared to other brands
If you’re looking for a gaming chair in budget under $200 that makes you feel relieved anytime you sit on it, then we highly recommend the HULLR Gaming Racing chair.
Apart from the fact that it comes with some unique features, which beat its competitors, it is the best for the price, you can find around.

Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather

Merax Racing Style Executive

I think Merax decided to produce this gaming chair in order to prove a point.
And that point is the FOOTREST.

The Merax Racing Style Executive is the only gaming chair on our list to feature a footrest to suit varying legs lengths.

This chair almost came in perfect.

To add to its profile, the Racing Style also features a safeguard locking system that lets you recline the chair in multiple positions to give you the needed support at any angle.

The seat is comfortable, and the back provides you with excellent support that is enough to take a nap in it.
The chair is made to hug your back and gives you greater support compared to a regular office chair.

It also offers a side lever to help you adjust the chair to your desired height. The Lumbar pillow and back pillow are super comfy.

The headrest is perfect for 5’8 person. But if you’re 6’ tall and above, your head might get off the gaming chair, and it will still fit in.

As much as I’d have wished for, this gaming chair can only support a weight capacity of 270lbs, putting it behind other brands on our list that feature 300-330 lbs weight.

To give you an idea if this chair would fit your chair the distance from the floor up to the top of the armrests is 25 Inches.

  • Cushioned footrest and awesome Lumbar support pillow
  • Assembling the unit takes less than 10 minutes
  • The recline feature gives you added function even to take a nap
  • The leather feels great, and the stitching is fantastic
  • It swivels very smoothly
  • A little bit expensive
  • It’s pretty heavy
  • It doesn’t have a rocking motion
Although the Merax Gaming chair doesn’t rock back and forth, the fact it features a footrest, removable back pillow, and remarkable reclining feature makes up for this drawback.
It is skillfully designed to relieve backaches should in case you have one. Trust me; you’re not going to regret buying this top of the line gaming chair. Some expensive chairs that cost $500-700$ can’t compete with this chair.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

Sometimes the comfort of an ergonomically designed gaming chair is all you need to rouse your winning mood.

The GTRACING chair comes with adjustable lumbar support and a conveniently placed footrest for a relaxed posture. The seat is dressed in a genuine, easy to clean leather with accents of black and red patterns.

To ease your movements around the gaming station, the GTRACING chair comes with a customized, 360 degrees swivel base. More importantly, the base is sturdy enough to support up to 330-lbs of your weight.

Lastly, this seat will give your gaming space an executive aura as it is designed to rock back and forth.

Who else can use this chair?

GTRACING seat was designed to cater for the comfort of pro gamers; you can still use the chair in a range of other workspaces. Those who often spend hours keying data on the computers would find the seat firm and convenient.

If you often spend hours on end watching your favorite series movies, you will also find it enjoyable to rest your head and feet on the head and footrests provided.

  • The seat has a multifunctional design to accommodate gamers of different body shapes
  • The GTRACING seat has its frame made out of heavy-duty metal that guarantees the longevity of use
  • GTRACING has an enterprising range of height adjustability so that you can quickly readjust the height for a comfortable posture
  • Headrest pillows for added support
  • It doesn’t come with an instructional manual. Some users may find it hard to assemble
GTRACING seat is an excellent choice for those looking for not only a premium looking, but budget-friendly gaming seat. It is comfortable and straightforward to set it up or to adjust it to accommodate your height.

Furmax PC Gaming Chair

Furmax PC Gaming Chair

Furmax Gaming Chair is the ideal seat for those who have a small space courtesy of the compact design.

Besides the design, Furmax seat has its frame designed of tubular steel that makes it light and highly mobile without compromising on sturdiness.

Unlike the lawn chair that doesn’t accommodate your relaxation preferences, the Furmax chair is equipped with a pneumatic lift system so that you can adjust the seat’s height to your liking. The lift system is complemented by a 90°-180° reclination angle so that you can relax and take some pressure off your back.

But what actually makes this seat popular with pro-gamers and upcoming players is the thickly padded footrest. Unlike the majority of gaming chair models, the footrest slides out almost seamlessly. With such a nice feature, you will not have to struggle to set the chair in a relaxing position.

Regarding your comfort, the seat has an accommodative and well-padded 20.9″ X 19.7″ sitting bucket. With such as space, you can floss and wiggle freely as you enjoy every turn of your video game. Thanks to a 150º tilt back angle, you can take a moment away from the screen to relax and recharge.

Lastly, 310 lbs capacity seat is covered with a premium, scratch-resistant PU leather for durability. The leather covers the 23.2″ X 32.2″ backrest, the sitting bucket, and the 14.9″ X 9.5″ footrest.

Where else to use this seat?

A combination of ergonomic design, mobility, and the shades of colors on offer makes the chair ideal for a home office use. Individuals with lower back problems would find the seat a good alternative to the prescription chair.

  • The seat has a compact design to fit it into the limited space in your gaming room
  • Has a footrest that easily out or back into position with ease
  • The seat comes with adjustable backrest so that you can ease into a napping position after an intense gaming session
  • The sitting space is spacious enough – you will comfortably fit into the sitting with your legs crossed
  • The artsy chair befits a gaming room that features the most recent devices
  • It’s hard to assemble the chair as it isn’t shipped with an instructions manual
Furmax gaming chair is a great and affordable alternative to the more expensive chairs in the market. It’s a good fit for gamers looking to upgrade from their ordinary, less comfortable regular chairs to a supportive and accommodating seat.

Coavas Computer Gaming Racing Chair

Coavas Computer Gaming Racing Chair

One thing you will like about the Coavas Gaming Chair is the comfort that comes with a well-padded sitting bucket and armrests.

Underneath the seat is an extensible footrest to support your feet as you take some time off the gaming screens. Keeping your legs active boosts blood circulation and, ultimately, results to improved you restart the next round of your gaming series.

The high-back chair is upholstered with premium PU leather for durability and improved breathability. The adjustable backrest is high enough to support the length of your back. Beyond this, you can adjust the backrest to a reclining angle. This position allows you to relax and take the pressure off your lower back.

Lastly, the 280lbs load capacity base has a 360-degree swivel so that you can stretch out and relax away from your gaming setup. The hip and back massage elements on the seat will keep your muscles relaxed even at the most tense moments of your gaming.

Where else can you use Coavas seat?

This seat is ideal for sedentary office people as it offers the comfort and an executive appearance that’s just ideal for a busy office setting. The chair is would also fit seamlessly fit into your home office.

  • The seat’s frame is constructed of quality construction for durability
  • Ergonomic design reduces stress on the backside
  • The seat’s frame and supplementary elements have gaming inspired looks
  • Multifunctional as it comes with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support pillow, and adjustable height components
  • The tilt-enabled backrest and the accompanying footrest make the seat ideal for long gaming sessions
  • The seat has a high loading capacity of 280 lbs thus it can be different users
  • Coavas brand isn’t popular
  • The chair isn’t ideal for plus sized gamers
Coavas Computer Gaming Racing Chair is an excellent selection for gaming enthusiasts looking for an affordable, durable, and professional looking gaming seat. The seat offers both comfort and stability that are essential for an enjoyable gaming session.

Uomax Gaming Chair

Uomax Gaming Chair

Sometimes you need a seat that offers much more than a comfortable resting position. You need a place that massages your back as you battle on the keyboard. You need a chair that you can recline back and enjoy a nap before the next round of the fight. This is what this unique and enticing gaming seat offers you: comfort, convenience, and ultimate gaming experience.

The multicolored Uomax gaming chair is equipped with an adjustable lumbar cushion, a retractable footrest, and a USB electric massager making it highly flexible an accommodating. With a sitting area 25.6″(L) x 22″(W) x 48″-52″(H), this chair is spacious enough your wiggle and movements as you try to shoot a winner.

Who else can use this chair?

A Uomax gaming chair need not only be used in a gaming shop. Owing to its convenient and health-oriented design, this chair would be a worthy addition in your office.

At home, the lumbar support and a headrest pillow make the Uomax gaming seat ideal for people who suffer from lower back pain.

  • The Uomax chair has its designed to recline by between 90° and 180°
  • The core of the Uomax chair is constructed of a metallic material that gives the seat a solid and stable base
  • The premium PU leather is of high quality to last you for years
  • The exterior of the chair is an executive looking camo leather that gives this chair a classical, gentle appearance ideal for an office setting
  • The base has a 360-degree swivel, and this makes it easy to move around. The height adjustment feature on the seat makes it multiuser
  • A 12 months warranty backs the Uomax chair on parts and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The armrest may be too wide for some gamers
The Uomax Gaming Chair is one of the few gaming seats that strike a balance between style, ergonomics, and pricing. If you are the type of gaming enthusiast who spends lengthy durations on your video gaming station, this is the seat you should have.

Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

For under $200, the Homall Gaming Chair is more than a bargain. It has a 300 lbs loading capacity. The gaming is equipped with a recliner, a height control lock, and tilt rocker so that you can customize it to your gaming convenience.

The adjustable backrest has a lumbar cushion and a removable neck support pillow for extra support on your lower back and the neck. The backrest is adjustable to 180-degree reclination plane so that you can take a nap after a sweaty gaming session.

To ease mobility and spruce up your gaming experience, the seat features a 360-degree swivel base that’s made of Class-3 explosion-proof spring for solid support. Further on, an extendable footrest offers support for your legs.

While the seats may not have padding on a $1000 chair, the padding is thick enough for your comfort. The PVC leather is fade resistant and super easy to clean.

Where else can you use this seat?

If you spend hours typing on your computer’s keyboard, this is the seat to have. Homall gaming chair is also suitable for individuals suffering from back problems.

  • Ergonomic high back ideal for long gaming sessions
  • Multi-direction wheels boost flexibility
  • Solid construction guarantees the longevity of use
  • Padded footrest for added comfort
  • Seat has a compact design that will not clutter your gaming space
  • The armrests are fixed in position
The Homall chair is ideal for gamers who are searching for a budget-friendly that affords them enough comfort for their gaming session. It’s 300 lbs loading capacity makes it suitable for family use as it can withstand changing weights.

Ficmax PC Computer Gaming Chair

Ficmax PC Computer Gaming Chair

A good gaming seat isn’t all about ergonomic design and extra padding. The right seat should allow you to customize it to fit the activity at hand.

The Ficmax PC Computer Gaming chair has a skillfully designed tilt mechanism that allows you to recline the seat to a 100° tilt angle ideal for gaming. Else, you can tilt the backrest to 120° when you want to read your favorite novel in a relaxed position. If you feel like taking a nap after a tough gaming session, you can adjust the backrest to 50°.

This large-sized chair is also equipped with a proprietary lumbar cushion that delivers a soothing pulsation for extra comfort.

The retractable footrest supplements the flexible backrest as it provides additional space to stretch and relax.

Regarding your comfort, the sitting bucket is filled with a high-density sponge that always resumes to the original shape when not sitting on it. The sponge is dressed in impermeable, fade resistant PU leather.

Where else to use this seat?

Ficmax is popular for producing executive office seats. Most of the design elements used on this seat are borrowed from the office chair model. This makes the Ficmax PC Computer Gaming Chair a candidate for home offices, spacious offices, and for individuals seeking to soothe their painful lower backs.

  • The seat is covered with high-quality PU leather for durability
  • The extendable footrest helps to relax in a napping position as you recharge for the next battle
  • The side cushion feature allows plus users to just the seat to fit their posture
  • The frame is designed of a metallic material making the chair sturdy and stable
  • The tilt mechanism makes the seat multi-functional as you can recline it to a bed position
  • It comes with a lower back massage pillow for added comfort
  • The seat flaunts an executive appearance ideal for office settings
  • Footrest doesn’t retract automatically
  • The armrests are not adjustable to the left or right sides
With the wide cushion and 300 lbs load capacity, the Ficmax PC Computer Gaming Chair is a good fit for gamers with a plus sized body. The seat is also ideal for players who have spacious gaming rooms as it offers more room to relax.

AutoFull Chair with Adventurous Design

AutoFull Gaming Chair

Few gaming chairs elicit as much passion and enthusiasm as the AutoFull Gaming chair.

From the outside, the seat flaunts a unique, adventurous spider back design complemented by a soft mesh wrapping. The meshed cover at the back improves airflow, and this minimizes build up on your back.

The chair’s 18.90’’x 20.08″ seat is filled with a cozy, high-density foam that is ideal for long gaming durations. It is then upholstered in high-end PU leather that is easy to clean.

Besides the metallic frame construction, the seat comes with rolling wheels that ease mobility around the room.

Where else to use this seat:

While the seat won’t fit into your office settings, its unique design would still uplift the image of your home office. The chair can also be used by people nursing back pains or related injuries as it is breathable and offers firm support on the back area.

  • Multi-functional with a 7-level height adjustment, recline rocking function, and 360-degree swivel
  • Ergonomic body-hugging design that firmly supports your back
  • Soft mesh back improves airflow and breathability
  • Beautiful logo embroidery and sword like design that will boost the appearance of your gaming space
  • Quality construction to last you for years
  • The seat has a sturdy, nylon base that can support up to 280 lbs.
  • The seat doesn’t rock either backward or forward making it tiring on using it for long durations
  • The seat’s design isn’t ideal for office settings owing to its design
AutoFull Gaming chair matches the quality of high gaming seat owing to its meshed backrest and a sturdy nylon base. Even then, the chair is best used within a gaming environment owing to its unique sword like design at the back.

Merax Justice Series Racing Style Chair

Merax Justice Series Racing Style Gaming Chair

If you like cockpit-style gaming chairs, you will each to have Merax Justice Series Racing Style Chair in your video gaming ‘cockpit.’

The seat is wrapped in a stylish, multi-color strip that will give your room a distinctively attractive demeanor.

The Justice Series Gaming chair features much-needed lumbar support and headrest pillows. These are strategically positioned on the backrest to firmly support your spine as you whirl away on your gaming chair.

Comfort wise, the large sitting bucket has soft, thick padding that keeps you cozy as you battle on the keypads. The seat is expertly sealed with premium PU Leather for the longevity of use and ease of cleaning. The leather flaunts a splash of striking color shades that would brighten with your gaming zone.

Where else to use this seat

The Merax Justice Series chair will seamlessly fit into an office setting, in a study room, and even in the dining areas for people struggling with back pain.

  • Adjustable lumbar support pillows support the lower back
  • The seat comes with instructional manual making it easy to assemble
  • The Merax seat has an ergonomic design and an attractive color shade layout
  • The solid base construction makes the chair stable and durable
  • Multi-functional thus allows multiple users
  • The wrapping is premium PU leather that complements the durable metallic frame
  • The armrests aren’t padded
  • It’s reclining ability only varies between 90o to 150 degrees
Merax Justice Series Racing Style Gaming Chair has its flaws, but it is, nevertheless, a great choice as it offers a range of great features even if it is being provided on a tight budget.

Aingoo Gaming Computer Chair

Aingoo Gaming Computer Chair

The stylish Aingoo chairs are designed specifically to suit the needs of tall or big users.

The has a higher than ordinary backrest that is designed to mimic a bilateral arc wing for firm spine support. The backrest is also enhanced with a neck rest pillow to support your neck and a proprietary lumbar cushion that provides a firm but soft landing for your lower back.

When it comes to relaxation time, the seat Aingoo seat takes care of things. The chair comes with a 180-degree built-in tilt function that allows you to recline the seat back to a napping position.

To complement the tilt function, the chair’s sitting bucket is well padded for your gaming convenience. On the side of this gaming, chair, there are padded armrests that will not only support your arms but protect your elbows as you enjoy your game.

Lastly, this seat is designed to save you the trouble of having to source a new gaming seat every few months. The large foot stand can support up to 300lbs of your weight while the frame is made of a sturdy metallic material.

Where else to use the seat?

Aingoo’s curvy and ergonomic design makes it ideal for office use. The smooth rolling caster wheels make the seat easily mobile and safe to use on carpeted surfaces such as in a house.

  • The seat features a support headrest, well padded sitting bucket and armrests for body-hugging comfort
  • Has five smooth rolling caster wheels for smooth movement
  • A sturdy base, wide seating area, and more extended backrest makes the seat a natural fit for the tall players
  • The chair has an ergonomic design and a curvaceous backrest that would boost the appearance of your gaming area
  • The height adjustability feature makes the seat ideal for group user
  • The seat doesn’t have a footrest
This is a great gaming seat for individuals who have a large body frame. Its sturdy base makes it ideal for multiuser as it can support the different user weights.

Killbee Large Gaming Chair

Killbee Large Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair

Computer gaming chairs come in different designs, shapes, and versions. Some seats, like the Killbee computer chair, are designed to impress and at the same time make your gaming a cozy affair.

For a start, the seat has a 21.6 x 18.1 In. seating area that is fashioned like a bucket to eliminate to eliminate leg fatigue. To complement the wide sitting area, the seat comes with adjustable armrests that you can tweak to support your elbows and make it easy to control the keys on your playing pad.

The reinforced base makes Killbee one of the sturdiest gaming seats in the market. Its sturdy base can actually handle up to 440 lbs making it ideal for plus sized gamers.

For player’s comfort, the chair’s base has a 360-degree swivel that allows users to change positions without necessarily have to move the seat. The 90°to 135° recline feature will enable you to adjust the seat to a comfortable position for relaxation.

Where else to use this gaming chair

For its height, unique backrest design, and its mobility, the Killbee gaming chair is ideal for individuals looking for multitasking convenience as they attend to their duties. For this, the seat would impress in an office setting, gaming areas, and even in normal home settings.

  • The seat is highly mobile which makes it easy for the user to access different points in their gaming space or office
  • The seat is designed to last with sturdy caster wheels and an equally tough frame
  • The chair also has an ample seating area which affords users enough room to maneuver as they play their game
  • The armrests are adjustable and thus complement the reclining backrest for comfort and convenience of the user
  • This gaming chair does not come with a footrest
Killbee large computer chair is one of the few gaming seats that you can alternate its use in both standard settings and casual gaming space. With its unique features, this seat is an excellent bargain for users who may not have swathes of cash to spend on high-end gaming seats.

Problems with PC Gaming Chairs

You’d agree with me that certain models of PC gaming chairs can be better than or worse than others. But, in general, most of them have common issues that prevent me from recommending them.
So, I’d like you to be aware of them before you get one for yourself. We’ve outlined some of the problems with gaming chairs so you have the right knowledge on which brand is the best out there.

Lack of Adjustment

The first big problem with gaming chairs is lack of adjustment. While most brands will offer height adjustment and armrest adjustment, most of them fail to feature seat pan depth adjustment to avoid pitching the back of your legs.

Lack of Lumbar Support or Removable Pillow

Some brands even come without Lumbar support or a removable pillow to give you the needed flexibility and comfort. This type of chair won’t support the entire curve of your back.

Come with a Fixed Back

Some gaming chair is modeled to have a fixed back without a lock to lean backward. So, the problem is that you can’t adjust any of the pieces to support your lower back, which eventually pushes your back out.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair

There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market. Choosing the best one shouldn’t be a tough job if you know what to look out for when buying one for yourself.

We have put together some unique qualities and factors to consider before pressing the buy button. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting a good gaming chair.

Choosing the right gaming chair material

One of the most important considerations when buying these gaming chairs is the upholstery materials. Regarding the frame and other parts, you can always trust most of the brands as they use the high-grade materials. When it comes to upholstery, this is where the problem sets in.

Many people have been asking, are PC gaming chairs made from leather? Well, the truth is that most people confuse PU leather and genuine leather.

For your information, there are a very few genuine leather chairs, which of course retail at very high prices. What most brands use is an imitation of leather which is marketed as either PU leather or pleather.

When it comes to budget PC gaming chairs, don’t expect genuine leather because even the high-end DXRacer gaming chairs don’t have genuine leather. With a budget of $200, there are a lot of options available, from PU leather to mesh.

So, what’s the difference and what should you choose.

Genuine leather

As earlier said, genuine leather is a reserve of the high-end models.

So, with our budget, we have no options here. But anyway, what are the advantages and disadvantages of genuine leather.

  • The first advantage of real leather is, of course, the fact that you have genuine leather. In as much as faux leather looks just like genuine leather, you won’t have the confidence a real leather gaming chair owner has.
  • Apart from that, there is the issue of durability with genuine leather being more durable and more robust than PU leather.
    It is also very classy, and that’s the reason even the executive office chairs are upholstered using real leather.
But on the downside, genuine leather is expensive but offers excellent value for money. Another thing, it catches heat or cold in an extreme environment. You’d never want to sit on a leather chair in the cold because it is colder, and so is the case in hot weather. Also, PU leather is less breathable material meaning in hot summer; it might get a little bit uncomfy because of sweating.

PU leather

This is an imitation of genuine leather and is the favorite material amongst many gaming chair brands.

With a budget of $200, you can be sure of snapping a great PU leather gaming chair deal.

What does this gaming material have to offer?

  • The first advantage of PU leather is, of course, the affordability. It gives gamers an excellent alternative to the pricey leather gaming chairs.
  • Another thing, PU leather is straightforward to clean and won’t catch dirt easily. For the leather chairs, they don’t trap dirt easily yes, but cleaning them is a headache now that water is leather’s enemy number one.
  • Lastly, PU leather doesn’t harbor allergens so if you have allergies, and it’s the best choice.
Unfortunately, PU leather is not as durable, and in a year or so, it should start losing its appeal. But this is dependent on usage. If you have cats, then you should think twice as it will get scratched easily.

PVC Leather

This is another common gaming chair material, and as the name suggests, it is made from PVC. However, it dramatically resembles genuine leather.

  • The advantage of PVC leather is that it is cheaper and more customizable.
  • If you want the flashy colors, you understand that PU leather and genuine leather is available in very few color options. But when it comes to PVC leather, you can get just any color you like.
  • Another thing, it is super easy to clean and is not damaged by water like PU leather.
On the downside, it is not very durable, and within a year of heavy use, you should start seeing some wrinkles. It is also not very comfortable, especially in extreme weather.


Very few gaming chairs are upholstered using fabric. Even though this material is not as appealing as leather and PU leather, it has its fair share of fans as well as haters.

  • One advantage of fabric is the fact that it is more robust and thus, more durable.
  • Fabric is also more comfortable and doesn’t get hot or cold in extreme weather like leather.
  • Regarding affordability, it is also an asset.
But on the downside, fabric is a good harbor for dirt and dust mite among many other allergens. If you have allergies, then this is a big no. It also catches dirt easily and cleaning it is very hard.


This is a less popular material and is commonly used as patches on some areas of PU and leather gaming chairs. But there are also some offices chairs that have been upholstered using mesh only.

But what’s the advantage of mesh?

  • If you sweat a lot, you understand the problem with leather because of the reduced air circulation.
  • Mesh has large perforations that make air circulation easy so at no time will you feel sweaty.
  • Mesh is also a little bit stronger and can withstand scratches as well as the test of time.
But on the downside, mesh harbors allergens and easily catches dirt. What makes it worse is the fact that it is tough to clean because the dirt hides in the spaces where the perforations overlap.

Is the Chair Comfortable?

The first thing you need to consider before buying a PC gaming chair is to find out if it is comfortable. I discovered that some of the minimalist designed chairs these days don’t have enough cushion to support the back of our body. They do most times offer hard backrest, which our body can’t hold onto for a long time.

So always make sure you check out if the chair has a lot of Lumbar support and soft cushions to give you the needed comfort when sitting on it.

Does It Offer a Durable Design?

Another factor you want to consider in gaming chairs is how sturdy is the design. A gaming chair that is not well-built may easily break through the base and eventually fall off.

One tip I’d have you keep in mind is to ensure the wheel of the gaming chair is rubberized. This will go a long way in preventing scratches on a wooden floor or any floor.

Does the Chair Offer Excellent Support For Your Body In Different Positions?

Another thing to look for in a gaming chair is to find out if the chair can support your body in different positions. Chairs that are made with this factor in mind allow you to move around while staying with you.

They give you a lot of support on the back and your thighs. So, when you are playing your computer game you can turn the wheel, and your chair goes nowhere.

So keep an eye out for a fantastic chair that will give you that adjustability to change angles and keep your body in an excellent neutral, supported position.

Is the Sit Pan Deep Enough to Cover Most of Your Thigh?

A gaming chair that offers a seat pan that is too shallow will perch you on edge and increase the pressure on your butt. Apart from this, it can also cut off circulation to your legs.

Of course, that is the last thing any gamer would wish for.

With that said, ensure you go for a chair that comes with a seat pad that is deep enough to let your feet touch the floor.

Is the Chair Tall Enough?

For you to be comfortable and ultimately a better player, find out if the chair is tall enough for you to use the keyboard and the mouse where you are not reaching up.

I have seen some gamers who try to reach up to their keyboard because the chair they are using is not high enough or the desk is way too high.

And when this happens, it can tract all the muscles of your shoulders and cause problems in your muscles and nerves of your forearm. This will end up increasing the stress on your elbow.

So, what you need is a chair that is high enough to your hips and a little bit above your knees, but brings your elbow up to the level of the keyboard.

This is one of the reasons we recommend gaming chairs that offer you ways you can adjust the chair to a level you can use your fixed-height desk.

Does the Gaming Chair Come With A Backrest that Can Support Your Back?

Most manufacturers fail to consider this factor when producing a gaming chair. Most of the chairs we have around are fixed, and the support is too low.

So, when choosing a gaming chair, find out if the backrest supports your back at about the belt level. You’ll notice that we have reviewed some brands that allow you to adjust the backrest to fit into your low back. They offer lever that helps you to position the chair to support your lower back.


As you know, getting the best gaming Chair isn’t an easy job. Most of the famous brands on the market you might have probably heard of seem to come with a hefty price.
And this may fall in the range of $400-$500. Of course, this tag price is unfair for gamers who are on a budget and still want the best.

To solve this problem, we scoured through the world and brought the best gaming Chairs under $200 that were specifically designed with gamers in mind.
If you’ve been researching for a chair that will support and take care of your body, now you have it with you at an incredible price point.

If you’re going to spend a fair amount of time at your computer playing your game, then these are the best buy you should invest in.

We hope that this post helps you pick the best PC gaming chair under $200. If you do have any questions or suggestions about our list, let us know in the comments down below.

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